Clinton DC speech open thread

Hillary Clinton and Me

Hillary Clinton logoI’m watching C-SPAN (no talking heads, although I have to admit the callers are pretty entertaining). Anybody else watching? I understand she is running about a half hour late.

Consider this an open thread.

UPDATE 12:06pm: This is what you see now when you visit (click to enlarge)

Hillary Clinton Website 06/07/08


23 thoughts on “Clinton DC speech open thread

  1. Amazing speech and very eloquent.
    She is truely a great American. I can’t wait to see what she will do next- majority leader?

    Vivian, I’m surprised you weren’t there!

  2. Naw – I couldn’t go. I’ve got too much on my plate right now. Plus, I’ll admit that I’m not as far along in the healing process as Hillary is.

  3. Vivian,
    I understand. I went through the same thing in ’00. It’s very hard and takes a lot of time. I had to just back away for awhile.

    You deserve major props for being such a strong supporter and working your heart out and HRC deserves credit for everything that she has done.

  4. Vivian,
    Progressive Democrats like you and I easily agree with Senator Clinton’s statement, “There are no acceptable limits and there are no acceptable prejudices.” now we just need to convince everyone else.

    My thanks to you and Senator Clinton for the historic efforts you made, and make, on behalf of all of us as we move our nation toward a “more perfect union”

  5. Obama/Clinton 08
    Some of The Obama supporters are being very childish and also some of The Clinton supporters are being angry and bitter ….talking about voting for Mcain instead of making sure that the Democrats win the electiuon….To all of us Obama supporters..let us be gracious and give the most respect and honour to Senator Hillary Clinton…She is a winner from my vantage point in terms of True Democracy…She is chosen by 18 million Americans to be a leader of her party…

    The fact that Barack got the nomination by winning a few more delegates than Clinton…does not disqulify mrs Clinton to the rubish piles of history……instead everyone should give thanks and praises to the Almighty God for this new day in American History…..Barack Obama has broken the colour barrier..Hillary Clinton has broken the Glass ceiling that is being used to stop womens progress…..

    The reality is that no women has ever done what she has done and she deserves congratulations and also she deserves to be a major part of the team not because Obama must choose her for VP..he can choose whosoever he wants but the people has alreaddy chosen both him and Hillary as the leaders of the Democratic Party….As The presumtive nominee he has the right to choose his Vp candidate and that will be up to him in accordance with election strategy……….but the reality is that votes count and Obama did not win by a blowout its just a few votes here and there that separates them….

    so I ask the Black people and all Obama supporters if Obama had lost the nomination this close would you want everyone to just call him a loser even after he got 18 million votes or would you want him to be denied a rightfull chance to be VP…if that was in the cards……So stop calling Hillary Clinton a loser …..She is a Winner in her own right and she fought to the very end….so lets give her a standing ovation…maybe she fought really hard because She really hates the idea of women being second class to any men…..

    Just like how we as Black People hates the idea and or concept of being secondary or inferiour to anyone in the white world, its time for Equal Rights and Justices among all colours and among man and woman…..all you Clinton supporters get over the bitterness and forget about Mcain just vote Obama because this is where we are right now we defeated the colour barrier but we still got more work to do to defeat the war against women….Let us work together to achieve these things Obama/Clinton 08 all the way…

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