Cumberland County hires Administrator/County Attorney

Last week, Cumberland County became just the second jurisdiction to have a dual-role administrator and county attorney in Virginia. After many meetings, most of them with a closed meeting beforehand, the vote was 3-2 to accept the counteroffer from Vivian Giles, to accept the positions of County Attorney and County Administrator.

In the past, it was that there was an attorney kept on contract, at times for $285,000 per year just for the attorney position. This combined position offer was for an administrator and county attorney for $135,000, made as a counteroffer by Ms. Giles in lieu of the offer of Administrator alone. The two Supervisors that voted against this offer complained that there is an outstanding tax bill for Ms. Giles, and kept complaining after it was explained to them.

One of the Supervisors is Bill Osl, who thought the expensive lawyer contract was just fine.

Mr. Osl continued to complain, even after it was clear his position would lose. The fact that Ms. Giles has both positions is bad according to him. Even though it is a matter before the Court, Ms. Giles tax “problem” is not a problem at all. Rather it is the course of business when dissolving a marriage.

Judy Ownby, who has served the county for decades, part of that time as Administrator, is retiring as of March 31, 2012. Jill Mathews has already resigned from her post as Asst. Administrator. Her last day was March 19, 2012.


2 thoughts on “Cumberland County hires Administrator/County Attorney

  1. It is a shameful what 2 of the Cumberland County Board Members did to her during the “Interview Process”. She stood over them and was awsome.
    I want to give her a heads up and I hope that she just does not assume the books! She should investigates what she is taken over! The bet the Books were Cooked so to speak!

  2. Any change to the previous supervisor’s regime is meaningful. The next step should be to clear all of the misdeeds done and the people will support her. Vivian Giles best of success in this tremendous endeavor and I support you 500%. I will be a willing volunteer to assist you in this matter. God Bless You!

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