Candidates list: November local elections – Suffolk

Suffolk had some changes to its boroughs as the result of the latest redistricting. Included were changes to the names of the boroughs. The Sleepy Hole Borough was renamed Nansemond, and the Nansemond Borough was renamed Sleepy Hole.

Here are the candidates on the ballot this November. (Links provided where I could locate them.)


City Council – Nansemond (formerly Sleepy Hole)

  • Robert C. Barclay IV*
  • Lue R. Ward

City Council – Sleepy Hole (formerly Nansemond)

City Council – Whaleyville

  • Curtis Milteer*

School Board – Nansemond (formerly Sleepy Hole)

  • Judith Brooks-Buck

School Board – Sleepy Hole (formerly Nansemond)

  • Diane B. Foster*

School Board – Whaleyville

  • Phyllis C. Byrum*
  • Marion D. Flood
* – denotes incumbent

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