ICYMI: An isolated incident or something more?

My latest op-ed, title above, appeared in The Virginian-Pilot Wednesday. In it, I joined the call for the State Board of Elections to ask AG Ken Cuccinelli to launch a state-wide investigation into the voter registration form dumping. Late yesterday, Julian Walker wrote:

At a hastily-organized meeting Wednesday, the three-member board which oversees Virginia’s election agency asked state Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli to investigate an episode involving a Republican operative charged with improperly discarding voter registration forms.

From Bob Lewis of the AP:

Neither of the two Republicans on the state elections board hesitated in voting to expand the inquiry after the lone Democratic board member, Kimberly Bowers, questioned whether the incident was an isolated one or part of a broader pattern of voter disenfranchisement.

That’s as it should be, as opposed to the earlier response of Nikki Sheridan, the board’s confidential policy adviser. No case that messes with voting should go without being investigated.

And when I say “no case,” I mean no case. Yesterday, the story broke of the field director of Congressman Jim Moran, who happens to be his son, caught on tape saying some things that are unexcusable.

Investigate this, too.

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