Quick report: Virginia Beach Forum

VBForumLast night, I participated in a live political talk show as the season finale of the Virginia Beach Forum. Our part of the program followed a presentation by Larry Sabato, who joined conservative author Kate Obenshain, Richmond Times Dispatch columnist Jeff Schapiro, Virginian-PIlot columnist Kerry Dougherty, radio show host Tony Macrini and myself the panel discussion. The segment was moderated by Joel Rubin.

Except Obenshain, the rest were people known to me (although I admit to only meeting Macrini last week, when I appeared on his show as a part of the promo for last night’s event). I did know she was the sister of AG candidate, Sen. Mark Obenshain, but that was it. Chatting with her beforehand – we never got into politics at all – I found her friendly and likeable. It wasn’t until we got onstage that I realized I was dealing with Cuccinelli in a dress 😉

Not that it bothered me. (It was pretty ironic that Kate tweeted (as I saw later) she was in with a bunch of “libs” as I felt the exact opposite going in: that was I going to be onstage with a bunch of conservatives.) Nor did it stop me. I think some of the best exchanges of the night were between the two of us. I would have liked to have gotten in a few more comments, though. That’s always a challenge when the panel is so large.

I had a great time – and I hope the audience did, too. I see from the announcement that we were supposed to have been in the lobby afterwards to meet with them, but we were ushered directly into the reception instead. I’m sorry I didn’t get to hear from more of the attendees that didn’t make it into the reception.

Here are a few photos taken at the reception.

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