Cuccinelli brags about “cutting red tape” for Farmville immigrant prison

(Some of the following information comes from a newspaper report in the Farmville Herald.)

Ken CuccinelliDuring remarks to the Farmville Chamber of Commerce recently, candidate for Governor Ken Cuccinelli claimed to have some influence in “cutting red tape” for the immigrant detention center/prison built in Farmville a few years ago.

“He went to the head of ICE (Immigration and Customs Control) and got everything off dead center.” So says Gerald Spates, Town Manager of Farmville. Cuccinelli, for his part, claims he believes that the Farmville facility will become the east coast hub of ICE and the need for immigrant detention centers.

According to newspaper accounts, Cuccinelli intervened after talking with the attorney for the Farmville ICE project. The attorney had contacted the Attorney General for help in getting the facility off the ground.

According to Cuccinelli’s remarks, he intervened with the Director of ICE.

Is this the normal provenance of the Attorney General? Evidently he got the ICE agency to ignore health concerns in the facility. This was not an idle concern. An inmate at Piedmont Jail who was an immigrant was reportedly beaten to death in that instance. Nothing that I know of was ever released about his death several years ago, in immigrant detention at the jail

The Attorney General has many duties. I wasn’t aware that included representing private business owners to the Federal Government.

Another reason why Cuccinelli can’t be trusted as Governor of Virginia. He is dangerous, and evidently thinks nothing of awarding preferential treatment to one business while many others could possibly use some help. I wonder if he’ll intervene with the USDA to make sure cattle producers are allowed to pollute the rivers and streams some more.


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  1. The latest “New Yorker” magazine, April 29, 2013, has an interesting, related article under “Annals of Immigration: The Deportation Machine—–a citizen vs. the system”—-by William Finnegan. Although most of the article details the injustices perpetrated upon an individual named Mark Daniel Lyttle, it’s clear that there is plenty of opportunity for abuse of a citizen’s rights when there’s a profit to be made on quantities of bodies in the institutions administered by ICE and Corrections Corporation of America (CCA), etc., and not much chance of remedy. Unfortunately, in the face of a vigilante GOP, President Obama has made a considerable effort not to “be soft on undocumented aliens” in the way that LBJ couldn’t be “soft on Communism” regarding Vietnam, and we can’t now be “soft on Terrorism.” It was reported that the Obama administration has deported record numbers of individuals. ICE is doing its best to live up to the effort not to be “soft on undocumented aliens.” The AG may see the possibility of getting some more of this CCA business in Virginia.

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