Quick hits 07/22/13

QuickHitsA few articles that caught my eye:

  • Let’s enact a new Voting Rights Act. Some commonsense solutions in here. I suggested to Rep. Bobby Scott, after last November’s long voting lines, that the federal government implement voting procedures for its races that would be the same across the country. (That is pretty much what happened in the 1964 federal elections, after the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.) The idea of a separate federal ballot, along with weekend voting, dovetails nicely with that.
  • The Cheney in Waiting. A lighthearted take on a serious topic. The line about the founding fathers was just hilarious.
  • Rand Paul can never be a mainstream Republican. You are known by the company you keep: Former senior advisor to Pres. G.W. Bush, Michael Gerson, effectively calls the Libertarian Paul a neo-Confederate.
  • This isn’t McDonnell’s first brush with scandal. Although StarGate is probably his worst, the fact is that McDonnell has been here before.
  • Struggling for answers amid a scandal. The very best – bar none – take on the McDonnell mess I have read.

With Saturday’s debate, there were tons of articles all over the news, far too many to link. About the only thing of note was this piece about Ken Cuccinelli hiring a debate coach. I always thought Cuccinelli was a pretty good debater, even though I don’t think it showed Saturday.


One thought on “Quick hits 07/22/13

  1. Attacking Rand Paul for Jack Hunter is like attacking Al Franken for being, well, Al Franken. Or calling Barack Obama a 911 truther because he hired Van Jones. He may never be mainstream in Michael Gerson’s world, but fact of the matter is that in 2012 Ron Paul built a big ole ditch and shifted the mainstream of the Republican Party permanently. Iowa, Maine, Nevada, Virginia, all have their State Central committees dominated by Paul loyalists and that map will only expand in 2014.

    As for Cuccinelli, he needs an anger management coach. There’s no benefit to being the smartest candidate in the race if you come off looking unhinged. Most reasonable people would rather have the cool, calm, collected TMac that knows nothing about state government than angry whiz-kid Ken Cuccinelli who probably dreams about government flow charts and briefing books.

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