6th Senate race info

6th Senate DistrictWith the election of Ralph Northam, the 6th Senate seat becomes available. The race started Wednesday, even though the date for the election has not been set. Both parties held meetings Wednesday evening. Democrats chose November 16 as the date of its unassembled caucus (aka firehouse primary) while the Republicans chose November 21 for its canvass (aka firehouse primary).

The information on the nominating contests is below.

Democratic Party Republican Party
November 16, 10am – 2pm November 21, 3pm – 7pm
Norfolk Granby High School Masonic Temple
7101 Granby Street 7001 Granby Street
Mathews Mathews County School Board Mathews County Library
63 Church Street 251 Main Street
Virginia Beach NEW LOCATION: Bayside Recreation Center Stolle Legislative Office
4500 First Court Road 1608 Pleasure House Rd, Ste. 105
Northampton County Trinity United Methodist Church Little Italy Restaurant
Fellowship Hall 10227 Rogers Dr
410 Tazewell Ave Nassawadox
Cape Charles
Northampton County Dept. of
Social Services Building
5235 The Hornes
Hampton Inn & Suites
4129 Lankford Hwy
Accomack County Painter Volunteer Fire Dept. Accomack GOP HQ
16117 Wayside Drive 25102 Lankford Hwy, Ste. 25068
Painter Onley
(Accomack, Onley, Melfa, Onanancock,
Bloxom Volunteer Fire Dept. Bobtown, Painter, Wachpreque)
15312 Bayside Drive
Bloxom Parksley Fire Station
18431 Dunne Ave
Arcaida High School Parksley
8210 Lankford Highway (Oak Hall, Saxis, Bloxom, Parksley,
Oakhall Mappsville, Rue)
Onley Volunteer Fire Dept. Chincoteague Community Center
25489 Maple Street 6155 Community Dr
Onley Chincoteague
(Chincoteague, Greenbackville,
Comfort Suites Hotel Atlantic)
4195 Main Street
Chincoteague Tangier Island Fire Station
16344 Main Ridge Road
Candidates Candidates
Lynwood Lewis John Coggeshall
Andria McClellan Wayne Coleman
Paula Miller Richard Ottinger

Note that the Republican locations in Accomack have specific precincts assigned to them (shown in parenthesis). I have not determined if the same applies to the Democratic locations in Accomack and Northampton.  I will update this as information becomes available. I am told that voters in the Democratic firehouse primary can vote at any location within their county.

Last update: 11/13/13


8 thoughts on “6th Senate race info

  1. What’s your take on the candidates who have filed? My guess is that Lynwood Lewis can win this slight lean D seat. McClelland and Miller probably can win but it would be close. It’s not a gimme seat for the Dems but they should hold it in the special. McAuliffe won with 52% of the vote in this district.

    1. This is going to be a real battle, regardless of the Democratic nominee. I expect the Republicans to throw the kitchen sink at this race. So I think the candidate who can best fit the demographics of low turnout election AND either has the financial resources or access to the financial resources has the best chance.

  2. Ms. Paige, I am trying to figure out what an “unassembled caucus” means. I want to participate on SAT if possible.

    Thanks! Stephen Sugg PS: Your thoughts on which Democratic candidate to support? I trust your opinion and enjoy your columns…

    1. Stephen – an “unassembled caucus” means you get to vote at any time during the hours the location is open. If you are in Norfolk, that means show up anytime between 10am and 2pm at Granby High School to vote.

      I’m out of the endorsement business, at the request of the newspaper. So while I have a preference, I can’t tell you who it is.

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