Just be patient

Like you, I've been watching the presidential nomination contests. I'll leave it to others to discuss the Republican side of things, as I'm not going to be voting for anyone they nominate. As for the Democrats - I feel for the Bernie supporters. I was in your shoes eight years ago, when Hillary was losing. … Continue reading Just be patient


3/1 primary registration deadline is today, 2/8

The Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary have sucked almost all of the attention lately. The rest has been taken up by the on-again, off-again (it's off) argument over the Republican "loyalty oath" (that really wasn't a loyalty oath at all, but I digress) in Virginia. Meanwhile, I've seen very little attention paid to … Continue reading 3/1 primary registration deadline is today, 2/8

Catching up: recent op-eds

In case you missed them, here's a quick rundown of my recent op-eds in The Virginian-Pilot: March 12: Another sad result of safe districts. "Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose." Former governor Bob McDonnell sent texts to members of the legislature, trying to get them to sign on to a brief being … Continue reading Catching up: recent op-eds

Catching up: last two op-eds

I've been really busy over the past 10 days but not so busy that I didn't write a couple of op-eds for The Virginian-Pilot. The Norfolk City Council's vote to elect our school boards by wards prompted my "Wrong on school wards" piece, which appeared Thursday, 1/29. I really wasn't surprised the majority voted for … Continue reading Catching up: last two op-eds