ODU Football: We’re getting closer!

I’ll admit it. I’m a football fan. (Go Redskins!) It started when I was about 12, as a cheerleader for the local community football team, and continued thru high school, where I was first a member of the marching band and then drum major. I attended Hampton Institute (now Hampton University) my freshman year and football was an integral part of college life. Homecoming was awesome, with grads coming from everywhere to attend the game.

When I transferred to ODU, I was disappointed that the fall sports schedule didn’t include football. Hey, I like soccer, but there’s nothing that rallies school spirit quite like football.ODU had a football team years ago, having played its last game in 1940. I never thought I’d see the day when ODU would have football, at least not as long as Jim Jarrett was Athletic Director.

Yesterday, ODU and Norfolk came to an agreement to swap land that will allow ODU to build practice facilities as well as a new home for the field hockey and lacrosse teams and a new softball facility. This, along with raising $5 million of an estimated $8 million, likely means that the goal of football in the fall of 2009 is achievable.

Go Monarchs!

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