BREAKING: No Kaine appointment for Rerras

I have just confirmed with a well-placed source that the Rerras appointment is absolutely NOT TRUE. No such appointment is forthcoming nor is it even being discussed.

Is it that echo chamber effect at work here? Has this rumor taken off so much that even the elected I spoke with earlier today believes it?

In any case, let’s put this one to bed.


9 thoughts on “BREAKING: No Kaine appointment for Rerras

  1. Can you explain a little more about how you “confirmed” the story this AM (2 posts down) and now it is not true. How did you confirm a story that is not true?

  2. As I said above, the elected I talked to earlier today must have gotten wind of the same rumor that has been going around for the last week or so. My source (not the elected I spoke with this morning) says it is not true – never has been.

    As a matter of fact, my next phone call is to the elected to stop that person from passing on incorrect info.

  3. The elected I talked to earlier told me that it (the appointment) was true and not a rumor. That person was apparently misstaken. I have since talked to that individual in order to stop the rumor from spreading further.

  4. Yes, Josh, it is wrong.

    The best politics is good government. Why appoint incompetent, right wing hacks who don’t share your philosophy and oppose your major initiatives when good Democrats with great credentials who have toiled for years get nothing?

    How does that build a party?

  5. My sources have told me that this was discussed during the regular session (late January-early February) with a very small circle of people. The administration never actually approached Rerras, so they assumed it had fallen through. They are puzzled as to why it’s resurfacing now.

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