SCV on Allen: “You turned on us”

From the “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” file comes the latest twist in the George Allen saga:

U.S. Sen. George Allen once again is being told to lay off the Confederate flag.

But this time, it’s not coming from the people who abhor the Dixie symbol. It’s from the people who revere it.

State leaders of the Sons of Confederate Veterans have scheduled a news conference today to criticize Allen’s recent remarks that the Confederate flag could be seen as a symbol of hate.

“George Allen was a good friend of ours, and we don’t appreciate him turning on us to get out of political trouble,” said Frank Earnest of Virginia Beach, commander of the Virginia division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. “He’s degraded us, the flag and our heritage.”

Seems that the SCV are upset that Allen acknowledged that the Confederate flag could be offensive to blacks and other minorities.

Rather than repeating it, head over and read Waldo’s take on this. I agree with him. Besides, there were so many flags of the Confederacy that I cannot, for the life of me, figure out why the SCV and other heritage groups don’t choose another flag to use.


5 thoughts on “SCV on Allen: “You turned on us”

  1. I simply cannot fathom how a person is incapable of seeing that the “confederate flag” COULD BE offensive to blacks. I’m just trying to grasp how closed that mind must be to be incapable of even understanding that possibility.

  2. Waldo and Vivian,

    There is no possible way to commerate and revere the confederacy without concomitantly honoring white supremacy. All of the flags created in that era are symbols of the confederacy. The confederacy was founded to forstall the possibility of freedom and self government for the enslaved and to elevate the slavemasters over them and their poorer white kith and kin.

  3. skeptical – I am no expert on the Late Great Unpleasantness 😆 but there are those who believe differently from you. My main point is that if those who want to revere the Confederacy want us to believe it wasn’t about slavery, then they should choose a flag that hasn’t been co-opted by racist hate groups.

  4. No matter what flag is used, the Black racist will demand it’s removal.
    As you should know, all things Confederate are targets of the Black
    hate groups; school names, bridges, statues,on and on. So you see,
    they will not stop at the Southern Cross.I am not closed minded. I know some may be offended. So now the SCV is to change the logo
    it has had since 1896? Are you willing to change anything in your life that offends someone? How about everything that offends? Do you
    smoke,drink,have long hair,go to church,don’t go to church,vote
    Democrat,drive a gas engine vehicle,tattoos,power lawn mower…?
    If you answered yes to any of these then STOP IT. You’ve offended
    someone. How about “Old Glory”? 89 years of slavery. There were
    5 Union slave states during and after the war. Honst Abe freed the slaves in VA in Jan 1863. In june 1863 West VA was formed, joined
    the Union….as a slave state! And you want to tell me the Yanks were
    fighting to end slavery? Don’t forget about those pesky Indians that
    the Great Emancipator had killed. Old men,women, and children.
    Dead. This under Abe and the US flag, because they were in the way of the railroads. Anyone have a problem with the slavery and killing
    of children under that flag? Or is it just the Rebel flag that bothers you. Well, I’m offended by that. You gonna stop it?

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