Live blog with Drake Friday TODAY 5:30pm

This Friday, October 20, TODAY incumbent 2nd district Congresswoman Thelma Drake will be here for a live blog. The session will start at 5:30 pm and will run for one hour. Feel free to leave your questions in this thread for the Congresswoman.

PLEASE NOTE: If you linked to the prior thread, the link is no longer active.


50 thoughts on “Live blog with Drake Friday TODAY 5:30pm

  1. Congrats to you, Vivian, on getting Rep. Drake to come and (sort of) answer questions. I don’t think she deserves to be re-elected, but she certainly deserves credit for coming here.

  2. Congresswoman Drake replied earlier to my question concerning the possibility of her losing this election “What an odd name you have picked for yourself.” For your clarification it is my initials… What did you think it meant??? Lots of people use their initials in blogs. Do you have a problem with that? Even President Bush is often referred to as “W”. Perhaps I should change it to “macacca”!
    As to answering my question, she replied “I reject outright the premise of your question.” I find that comment insulting to my intelligence, especially after all the news concerning the possibility of a leadership reversal in Congress. You are another Republician who is in denial – but that will change on 11/8. I’ll be looking for your real estate ads after the election…

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