Ballot issue #1: BELIEVE!!!!!

The latest Mason-Dixon poll (via Pilot, RTD) shows Ballot issue #1 – the so-called Marriage Amendment – trailing by just 4%, with 49% supporting it and 45% against it. The remaining 6% is undecided. The poll of 625 likely voters was conducted last Wednesdaythru Friday and has a margin of error of +/- 4%.

We can do it, folks. We can be the first state in the union to turn back one of these amendments. We don’t have to write discrimination into our constitution. We don’t have to allow others to impose their definition of morality on us. We don’t have to allow government into our private lives. WE CAN VOTE NO AND DEFEAT THIS AMENDMENT!

Let’s get to work. Contact all your friends, family, co-workers. Remind them that we need them to VOTE NO.


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One thought on “Ballot issue #1: BELIEVE!!!!!

  1. I hope we do Vivian. It would be a shame if Virginians voted to roll back the clock and invited Jim Crow back to VA….and not only “back to VA” but to institutionalize a Jim Crow measure into the VA State Constitution.

    Amazing choice…I KNOW our fore”fathers” are rolling over in their graves.


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