Voting NO: a couple more

NoVA Scout, over at Too Conservative, offers up his view on Voting NO on Ballot Issue #1, the so-called Marriage Amendment.

Conservatives do not take kindly to legislative use of constitutional documents. We are skeptical of public fads and passions that try to seize a moment to trivialize the great structures of republican constitutional democracy. Given the power, nobility, and significance of this particular document, not just to the history of Virginia, but to the Nation and the world, and given the fundamental belief of conservatives in constitutional limitations on governmental powers over individual rights, my prediction for Tuesday is that no clear-thinking conservative in Virginia will permit this time-honored document to be sullied or diluted with legislative redundancies. No sentient conservative will vote for Marshall-Newman. Although many of my predictions are not worth the electrons they’re printed on, this one is a lock-cinch forecast. Its only backers will be citizens who have been flim-flammed by the “Defense of Marriage” rhetoric (sheesh – who wouldn’t vote to “defend marriage”) or constitutionally reckless, philosophically liberal social engineers who lack conservatives’ reverence for the historic significance and government-limiting functions of well-honed constitutions.

And then we have bill namesake State Senator Steve Newman’s paper urging the citizens of Lynchburg to Vote NO. The editorial appears in The News & Advance, calling it “overkill:”

Voting “no” on the proposed amendment – as it’s worded – is not voting against traditional marriages; if voters consider how judges throughout the country have been ruling during the past year, they will see that time and time again, the legal definition of marriage remains a contract between one man and one woman.

While the intent is laudable – to translate the majority’s morality into a code of laws – the amendment’s language misses the mark.

Because it goes far beyond prohibiting same-sex marriages, we should be the first state in the country to defeat a same-sex marriage amendment. Not because we don’t adhere to a strict moral code, but because amending the constitution just isn’t necessary.

Once again, to summarize:

Supporters of the amendment – social conservatives

Opponents of the amendment – everybody else

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  1. MB – In one respect I believe you are right. No one can make a fool of someone else. If I have been made the fool, I did it to myself.

    In another respect I believe you are wrong. I doubt the ability of anyone to provide a fool comfortable cover. I am sorry, but I do not know how to help you.

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