Kellam Rally

Kellam Rally crowd

Last night’s rally for Phil Kellam was well attended. I’m not good at estimating crowd sizes so take my count with a grain of salt. I’d say there were 150-200 people there.

Kellam Rally Miller

Since the location for the rally was in the 87th House District, Delegate Paula Miller kicked off the festivities.

A number of local elected Democrats were there as well, including Commonwealth’s attorney Jack Doyle, Sheriff Bob McCabe, Clerk of Court George Schaeffer, and Delegates Lionell Spruill and Algie Howell.

Kellam Rally Pickett

Former Congressman Owen Pickett offered his remarks. He has been an ardent supporter of Kellam’s campaign. I’ve seen more of Pickett over the last few months than I have seen in years. (Of course, I don’t live at the Beach.)

Kellam Rally Scott

3rd district Congressman Bobby Scott, who is running unopposed, was also there. The bulk of the city of Norfolk lies in the 3rd.

Kellam Rally Fraim

Norfolk Mayor Paul Fraim, the city’s first elected mayor in 90 years, was there to introduce his good friend, Governor Tim Kaine.

Kellam Rally Kaine

The governor offered up three important things for this election: Vote for Jim Webb, Vote NO on Ballot Issue #1, and Vote for Phil Kellam.

Kellam Rally Kellam

Of course, a Kellam rally would not be complete without the man himself. Kellam spoke briefly. The guy is like the Energizer Bunny. I can’t figure out why he’s not tired yet.

A good time was had by all.


8 thoughts on “Kellam Rally

  1. The Gov loks like he is about to bolt at any moment. Take off your jacket and stay awhile Mr. Kaine 🙂

    Looked like a good rally. I would say Phil wasn’t tired becuase you do not tire by saying nothing 🙂

    Cheap shot, I know, but it made me chuckle.

    BTW, one phot (pkrallyscott.JPG) is cut off.

  2. Glad you think it’s funny… At least it isn’t as bad as the classic George Allen grin. THAT reminds me of someone who just passed gas and is just waiting for others to smell it… Either way – both stink!

  3. Ok, I guess. Once again, not sure what this post has to do with Allen, but the obsession is appreciated.

    I am not an Allen or Webb fan, VPJ can tell you that. I thought this was a Kellam post, but ok, your comment was cute too I guess.

  4. At last night’s NAACP dinner (Kellam and Kaine) the VBDems made a good showing. Unfortunately, the Republican Party table was totally empty…chirp, chirp, chirp…

  5. OK, you guys must be using IE. (Wouldn’t touch it with a 10-foot pole 😉 ) I had checked it in Firefox & Mozilla & it looked fine. I’ve tried to fix it.

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