Good story of the day: Troy & Tommi Vincent

The Virginian-Pilot had an interesting article on Redskins safety Troy Vincent today. Vincent has set up a community development corporation in his home town of Trenton, NJ. Uncomfortable with the possibility of being seen as a “knight in shining armor,” Vincent and his wife, Tommi, were not satisfied with just donating money here and there. They wanted to make a real difference.

The result: the Vincents’ Love Thy Neighbor Community Development and Opportunity Corporation, an array of social and economic programs they founded and preside over. Both Troy and Tommi have a hands-on role in the organization, Troy around his football duties and Tommi on an almost daily basis.


Assisted by more than 200 volunteers, Love Thy Neighbor teaches inner-city residents of Trenton everything from reading and writing to how to compile a financial portfolio. Its programs help young fathers just out of prison reconnect with their families. It provides college and career opportunities for young women who have gone on to become nurses, engineers, teachers.

Lifting the boats of everyone, a leg up instead of a handout – wouldn’t it be great if all of the athletes who set up foundations did stuff like this? What a great example it sets for others. And it would be nice if some of our professional athletes here did something similar. Maybe they could pool their resources to follow this blueprint.

The best quote of the story comes from Trenton mayor Doug Palmer:

“No government is capable of doing all of these things. Troy gets that. He gets that citizens have to become involved in making their community better. He is a remarkable individual, and Trenton is blessed to know him.”

Vincent obviously has applied his Wisconsin studies in Urban and Regional Planning quite well. Kudos to him for helping to make his community better.


4 thoughts on “Good story of the day: Troy & Tommi Vincent

  1. It doesn’t matter what whether he’s a liberal, progressive, conservative, moderate, etc. What matters is that they aren’t just making a donation to get the tax deduction, but are participating in a group that will do some good for the community.

    Hopefully the fact that the Vincents are actually taking “a hands-on role in the organization” will help bring in a significant amount of volunteers (which is at 200 according to the article) and donations.

  2. Sharon McDonald not only knows how to tax a tax, or tax an artist, or persuade her staff to vote for a tax she favors, she is also able and willing to tax the morale of many of the City’s employees. Whether in her own department, the IT department, the budget office, or anywhere in Norfolk, there is the use of the school marm (with the inch-thick ruler) approach to control criticism.

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