Smear politics and fighting fair

SMB logoCiting the recent incident involving Barack Obama, Scott writes a thoughtful post on smear politics.

FOXNews started an unsubstantiated rumor about Barack Obama. First off, who cares if he went to a muslim school?? Then to make matters worse, they said the “fact” was found by the Hillary Clinton campaign.

It is apparently is false. On both counts.


Stop the hatred, stop being mean. Debate the issues, debate them loudly and with all your heart. But keep it to the facts and leave personal attacks and childish name calling out of it. I’m tired of it.

I’ll repeat what I wrote over there.

Colbert calls it “truthiness” and it is the way politics is done today. The lies are shouted from the rooftops while the corrections are simply whispered. Just wait – next year this time the polls will show a large number of people still believing this to be truth.

It is why so many people choose not to participate in the political process. It is why things are so polarized. Fight fair? Heck, that’s just for suckers, according to the folks doing all the spinning.

There are a few who are willing to tell the truth & let the voters decide. Far too many are not.


8 thoughts on “Smear politics and fighting fair

  1. False? That’s funny, because I heard the Insight editor on the radio yesterday afternoon, and he stands by the story.

    Of course, maybe you’re right. We all know the Clintons are paragons of the truth. They’d never float false information against a political rival. Remember the denials about that ridiculous blue dress?

  2. Oh, so he’s “standing by” the story that it came from Clinton’s folks, and well, just like nevermind the rest of the story, which is completely and utterly false?

    Yeah, I’d believe him.

  3. Did an octopus just comment? There’s so much black ink around it’s just muddying the water….definitely not the kind of comment that makes a discourse positive or achieve clarity for the participants….

    Heading over to Scott’s Morning Brew…Scott is my fave conservative…I think it’s b/c he has ethics and likes to work where the water is clear…..


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