Now you know why you’re not invited

Well, I have a 65″ widescreen HDTV and I was going to invite all of you over for the game but I guess I can’t do it now. Seems the NFL doesn’t want folks having SuperBowl watch parties where the TV screens are larger than 55 inches, unless, of course, you happen to have a sports bar.

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42 thoughts on “Now you know why you’re not invited

  1. Mark – you’ve got a pretty impressive setup there 😉 Similar to mine.

    As for the salsa and most of those veggies – I think I’ll pass. But send me some sweet potatoes!

    Whackette – stroll thru the grocery store? Don’t you grow veggies on your farm?

  2. We grow milk 🙂

    I only grow enough so I don’t have to buy them in the summer. I don’t put any up. The problem with large gardens is finding time to take care of them so you harvest more than just weeds. I’m usually pretty busy and Republitarian does NOT garden though the girls are becoming more helpful and they love being able to pick a snack anytime they want. The sugar snap peas that escaped the bugs were a big hit last year.

  3. I knew you grew milk 🙂 but even so, I figured you had a garden. Heck, I grew up in the city and we had a garden every year: tomatoes, green beans, corn, collards, yellow squash. One year, we had watermelon! And when I was small, we had chickens and turkeys.

  4. Whackette – Try a homemade insecticide soap, natural of course; made out of nicotine and dish soap.

    Both of you – When I was a kid, we grew strawberries, which we are adding to the garden this year. Next year, asparagus. Since I am supposedly retired (like I noticed) I have time to fill the gaps in the garden. Of course, I work the kids like rented mules in the summertime 🙂

    OT – Vivian, do you know how to get hold of MB? I tried sending him an email earlier and it said it was all full. Appreciate it.

  5. Mmmmmm…strawberries. I have three kinds of raspberries and when I’m feeling very adventurous I brave the poison ivy to pick the blackberries that grow wild on the edge of the woods.
    I also once had a chicken, but it met with an untimely death. One minute it was watching the men repair the chopper the next… well…there was nothing but feathers floating through the air.

  6. mosquito does his part, as usual, to suck the funny and the lightness of every post here once again.

    Seriously, mosquito, do you have ANY sense of humor? Is EVERYTHING serious and political for you? Are you that bitter at life?

    Ugh. You are sad.

    Squeak, Squeak (not as corny as his, but trying 🙂 )

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