Bush puts ‘ic’ back in ‘Democrat Party’

Via AP:

“Now look, my diction isn’t all that good,” Bush told the 200 lawmakers who wrapped up two days away from Washington with family and aides. “I have been accused of occasionally mangling the English language. And so I appreciate you inviting the head of the Republic Party.”

He got hearty laughs. And he was careful to keep the “ic” firmly tacked on for the rest of his remarks.


3 thoughts on “Bush puts ‘ic’ back in ‘Democrat Party’

  1. Yeah, I heard the whole “awe-shucks” barf-inducing thing on the radio. Have you ever noticed that when he’s not focused on playing the poor ole bumbly country boy Bush can speak well enough? He’ll never be eloquent or adept, but he lacks the constant malapropisms. Look at some of his one on one interviews and see how when he doesn’t have an audience to play to he doesn’t commit all the more bizarre verbal blunders. Of course, he still hasn’t offered an explanation about how he made this “mistake” when the text had Democratic in it.

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