M Warner: Not running for Senate in ’08

Little birdies are whispering that Mark Warner will not be running for Senate in 2008.

This falls in line with my earlier thoughts. At that time, I said:

I will be quite surprised if he runs for the Senate seat, even if John Warner retires, as has been rumored.

Down in the comments in that post you’ll see why I thought he wouldn’t run for Senate: Warner is a leader, not a follower.

Of course, we now know that John Warner is running again.


20 thoughts on “M Warner: Not running for Senate in ’08

  1. MB

    You are right but don’t forget that M. Warner was running for President throughout most of ’06 so a race for Senate last year was not in the cards.

  2. I’m not saying anything about Webb. M Warner, from where I sit, is a CEO-type, not a legislator. And I think MB has it right – M Warner could have run for Senate in 2006 but chose not to.

  3. Leslie Byrne is making some quiet calls about a run. Some signs are peripheral but may mean something. Her website is overgoing an overhaul. Should she not be planning to run for something why is she redoing it? Last time this happened is when she changed her State Senate website to a run for Lt. Governor. Also Byrne ran a strong race for Lt. Governor and then was highly visible in the Jim Webb U.S. Senate campaign. Finally she could make the aggressive sort of campaign based out of Northern Virginia to sneak up on old John Warner for a major loss.

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