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DrakeA few things have happened in the past week or so regarding my Congressional representative, Thelma Drake, that require mention.

First there was the incident at her Virginia Beach office. I don’t have a clue as to whether the decision to pretend that the office was closed was hers or that of her staff but in the end, it doesn’t matter. The responsibility for that action, and subsequent arrest of one of the people who was there to present a petition, ultimately rests with her. It is not as if MoveOn.org has not targeted her in the past. It seems to me that this was a gross over-reaction to a gathering of some 10 people – her constituents, the taxpayers who pay for that office. For someone who is known for constituent services, this is way out of line.

Speaking of constituent services, I received a mailing from Rep. Drake last week. Entitled “2007 Constituent Survey,” I have to wonder how many of those in the 2nd Congressional District received it. The reason for my question is that whenever there is a mailing to the entire 2nd, we get two copies at my house. This time, like some of her earlier mailings, only one copy – addressed to me – showed up. Yes, I know that there is a panel that approves all the mail. But after last summer’s incident, I’m a bit surprised to see what appears to be a targeting mailing using the federal franking privileges.

Finally, the Virginian-Pilot had an editorial on Rep. Drake yesterday. With all that has come out about Iraq, I’m having a hard time with her stance on this.

For those who favor the president’s strategy in Iraq, U.S. Rep. Thelma Drake is as strong a supporter as you are likely to find on Capitol Hill.


“We can’t afford to not come home in victory,” she said of the administration’s adventure in Iraq.

Perhaps we need a new definition of victory, because what’s going on over there right now ain’t it. Folks with more knowledge about this situation that I have come to similar conclusions. Support the troops – absolutely. Support the war – no way.

Rep. Drake has indicated her willingness to participate in a live blog here again. Perhaps with some of these issues, it will be sooner rather than later.

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10 thoughts on “On Drake

  1. Thanks Vivian…I believe this issue of Drake treating her publicly funded office as her own private office needs to be remedied.

    Drake is not upholding the house ethics that states a representative needs to treat all her constituents (those for and against) equally.

    She surely isn’t upholding the constitution and her constituent’s right to seek a redress of grievances….

    Hopefully folks will contact their representatives in the US House and ask that a formal complaint about Drake be made.


  2. Thank God she did. The MoveOn group confuses decibels with debate. We need to go back to a standard that would get you sent to the principal’s office when I was in school. There’s no room for disrespect.

    Regardless of your politics, this is no different than the group of “living wage” protesters getting kicked out of John Casteen’s office at UVA. And he’s definitely no “right-winger.”

  3. The Disrespect was not from Drake’s constituents, some of whom happen to be MoveOn members…it is a grass roots organization after all….unlike many of those right “front” organizations sponsored with big money and no members….

    Drake is the supposed “public servant” and the House Ethics states that members should treat ALL constituents equally whether they support their representative’s policies and actions or don’t support them.

    Drake is using PUBLIC TAXPAYER funds for her office and it should be a public place where ANY constituent can visit to voice their opinion.

    It is Drake who is being disrespectful, unethical, and possibly illegal. She appears to be a bushevik servant and NOT a public servant.


  4. I don’t care if all of her constituents came down for a “sit-in,” the government can lawfully and constitutionally require order and decorum in demonstrations. These people would have been refused admission to the Patrick Henry Building (the Governor’s Office). They would not have been allowed to carry on like this in the Mayor’s Office.

    These stunts disparage progressives if carried out by progessives; they disparage conservatives if carried out by conservatives.

    They are photo-op stunts. Nothing more, nothing less.

  5. Got it, filled it out, sent it back. What are the three most important issues facing our country?
    Getting out of Iraq.
    Restoring our Constitutional rights.
    Regaining our international reputation.
    I hope that everyone who receives it, no matter what their opinion, fills it out — public officials are actually very responsive to citizen input, they just don’t get enough feedback.

  6. Once again….the constituents did not go to Drake’s office to do anything illegal….there was no planned sit-in or civil disobedience planned.

    However, with Drake’s staff acting so scandalously I applaud Tom Palumbo for sitting down and calmly stating he was willing to wait for the office to open so he could deliver the letters (or petition).

    Why should anyone be so indignant about any citizen taking a stand on principle? Rosa Parks herself took a stand that violated a “lawful” order and because of her standing (or sitting) by her principles her action inspired an entire movement and helped create a much needed change in our country.

    How is what Tom Palumbo did any different from what Rosa Parks did? Or what Cindy Sheehan did when she wanted the President to answer her question of WHY her son died?

    We need more citizens willing to stand (or sit) on principles. This country needs a large positive transformation to get it off this crazy “Bush” course set on death and destruction.


  7. Guess the only way to get Thelma’s attention is to enclose a check with your letter of dissatisfaction with the current administration. Better mail it you you could get arrested for hand delivering it! That was the purpose of Move-On —to hand-deliver letters to Thelma. Why do republicans think that they do not have to answer to anyone once elected, or ignore laws, or constitutional principles? Bush will be gone in two years BUT Thelma will be left running with all of his baggage…

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