Nikki Giovanni: “We are Virginia Tech”

World renown poet and author, Virginia Tech professor Nikki Giovanni delivers the words that we all feel.


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  1. BrokePhiBroke, if you actually had an “advance mind” you would realize that people like you and Marcus are the reason idiots like Nikki are sucking up tax dollars to teach crap to students at a mediocre public college, while soaking up further thousands of dollars for speeches around the country where people like you praise her and she gets paid for her drivel. What a huge joke. People like Nikki (and you guys) are giving blacks a bad name. Quincy Jones, as he says, was a struggling trumpet player at 25, and MLKJr at 25 was on his way to becoming a great religious and civil rights leader. They were both on their way to achieving something very positive or noble, and neither was a criminal. Malcolm X and Tupac, however, were criminals at age 25; at that point, their net contribution to society was negative. Malcolm X, despite being misguided in many ways, went on to accomplish something and his net contribution to society at the end of his life was probably positive. Tupac had already accomplished quite a bit of success as a rap star by the time he died at 25, but his net contribution to society, was still overwhelmingly negative, given the harm he has done, and continues to do, in leading young people astray. Tupac did more harm in his life than good. Yes, he was famous, but so what? He had the talent to exploit a new music form (rap) and was innovative enough to market himself? Great. Michael Jackson did even more as a popular musician by the time he was 25. He was famous, and deservedly so, because of his talent (far greater than Tupac’s by the way). He had no criminal record when he was 25. Now should we therefore worship Michael Jackson as a political icon, and compare him to Che Guevara, as one idiot admitted third worlder on this blog compared Tupac to Guevara? Nonsense.

    Did Tupac become famous early in his life? Yes. Is it a good thing that he is now gone? That is a different question. If he had continued to live as he had those first 25 years, I would say the answer is yes.

  2. Steve, the “idiot” title is yours. I gave it to remember, idiot. Why you went from more Nikki and Tupac bashing to talking about Michael Jackson, I will never know. Michael’s achievements, though gigantic in money and fame, were belittled by his questionable relations with kids. He will always be the King of Pop, but I wouldn’t trust him around my kid (if I had one).
    This topic is so old. Steve, what Ivy League school did you get your degree? I bet it was one without a decent athletic program! Our governor is a Viriginia Tech alum, so we know this “medicore public college” can produce state leaders. Let me guess your school; Darmouth, Havard, Princeton, Cornell, Penn, Yale, Columbia or Brown. Sorry, I don’t know any more, since hardly these schools possess decent football or basketball programs. College is not just books and exams. It’s an experience, idiot!
    Man, I can sense your contempt of Ms. Giovanni’s fame. You suffer from serious envy. I could say your attitude’s as catty as a woman’s. So shameful. You will never do what Ms. Giovanni has done. Deal with it. When was the last time the Grammy Awards had flown you to LA for a nomination? Do you even respect the NAACP? They award her three Image awards, as did Essence, Jet and Ebony. These are black publications. Do you respect them? Your attitude is giving black people a bad name! Instead of supporting a politically-minded sister, like Nikki Giovanni, you want to hate on all her success and deserved achievements. Not only are you an idiot, you are a catty idiot at that!
    I won’t comment on Tupac with you anymore. You don’t get it. You are a foolish individual with book smarts abound and no common sense to show. I only dare you to say those vile words to Ms. Shakur herself! However, a catty idiot, like you, would never talk that big in front of her. You would probably smile and say “It is my pleasure to meet you, Ms. Shakur.”
    Before, I found your views different, but I could respect them. After further discussions, I don’t respect your opinions. They are idiotic, like the mind behind them! I am going to take my leave as others on this blog. Why deal with an idiot? Idiots are irrational and think their opinions are fact without having facts to support them. As I said earlier, you should take back that degree. Get a refund on your overspent tuition. All that knowledge and you don’t know a damn thing! Peace, idiot.

  3. Oh, Steve.
    In regards to dear Malcolm. At least, he found redemption. He lived as a criminal because he had no father mentoring him. He found religion in prison and used that religion to redeem his life and the lives of millions of people. Unfortunately, jealous black folk killed him! Our race is littered with jealousy and self-hatred with idiots like you fanning the flames, like a damn wildfire! Grow up, idiot!

  4. Mom Marian
    by: Marcus James Brooks
    Inspire greatness
    Inspire me to be great

    Inspire humility
    Inspire me to be humble

    Inspire loyalty
    Inspire me to be loyal

    Inspire forgiveness
    Inspire me to be forgiving
    Inspire me.

    Marcus, is the above your poem I found on the internet? Is there another Marcus James Brooks or is this you? I finally have something good to say about Nikki: her poetry is better than this.

  5. It’s my poem, Steve.

    I have a book of poetry coming out this fall. I also have a book coming out on MLK Jr’s. birthday next year.

    Thank you for being a fan. *sarcasm*

    I respect your opinion. *sarcasm*

    I find it comical that you take the time post my work. This proves my claim that you are a catty, jealous idiot.

    I thank you for the opportunity of making yourself look stupid.

    Congratulations, idiot.

    P.S.- Sometimes the worst critics make the best fans. In your case, I would have to respect you to that to happen.

  6. To Anon E. Mouse,

    I’m sorry if I sound “disgusting”. Unfortunately, I am trying to defend an esteemed woman’s honor from a so-called Ivy Leaguer. I’ ve met Ms. Nikki Giovanni and she doesn’t deserve that disrespect. Some discussions cannot be sugar-coated and cordial, especially when they involve peoples’ reputations.

  7. Can somebody help me with what Tupac Shukar meant about Thug Life. Please look at I also have a nonprofit organization called The International Men of Excellence. We assist adolescence in their Journey in becoming Men and assist Men in becoming better Men. I need your help. I also have youg princess in our organization and I need Queens to help them. Hotep

  8. The Hate U Gave Little Infants Fucks Everyone (THUGLIFE)

    Mr. Morgan,

    Tupac Shakur’s quote was aimed at the father who abandoned his family and the society he grew up in. Tupac’s early life was a labyrinth of murder, poverty and loneliness. Almost all his childhood friends (street thugs and such) were killed before he turned twenty. His mother, Afeni Shakur, was a former Black Panther activist. Unfortunately, she fell like so many ghetto residents to the crack invasion during the 1970’s. Early on, Tupac Shakur could have died young and a statistic. Even with all the hate and sorrow, he was a legendary poet who wrote beautiful verses. He made money on some and saved souls with others.
    Nikki Giovanni is an admirer of Tupac as a poet and as a strong, black man. That is why she has THUGLIFE tattooed on her body.

  9. Mr. Morgan,
    Poet Nikki Giovanni has THUGLIFE tattooed on her arm because she is very stupid, for starters. She has always had this strange attraction to violence. She seems to want black men to kill the Man, and to kill the nigger within, so that he can indeed kill the Man instead of killing FOR the Man. Now Tupac was a rap “artist” (derivative, imitator, over-rated) who tried to prove he was a real man by shooting off his mouth, shooting his gun at people, spitting at people, an briefly selling crack cocaine to kids in the ghetto. His dumb mother and her increasingly stupid poet-defender Nikki Giovanni are promoting Tupac as some kind of a hero. From what she is saying, and from what fawning wannabe poet proteges like Marcus are parroting, is essentially that Tupac can “assist Men in becoming better Men,” as you say. This is all hogwash of course. The way to become Men is not to kill the Man, or to sell drugs or try to be a ganster, or act like an asshole. When men and women act like that, they do not become Men or Women, but instead end up killing others and destroying the best of our culture.
    Below I have copied a poem, with some of Nikki’s early ideas (from the 1960s) on the subject, for your perspective. I would like to see that there has been a clear evolution away from this nonsense, but with Nikki’s recent infatuation with Tupac, I’m sad to say that the nonsense continues.
    The True Import Of Present Dialogue, Black vs. Negro (For Peppe, Who Will Ultimately Judge Our Efforts)
    by Nikki Giovanni


  10. you would realize that people like you and Marcus are the reason idiots like Nikki are sucking up tax dollars to teach crap to students at a mediocre public college,

    And on that note, I think it is time to shut off the comments here.

    I think I have been more than tolerant of the two of you. I’ve tolerated language here that I do not generally tolerate. What I won’t tolerate is disrespect. And that comment was over the top.

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