Opinion, please: What’s wrong with Kucinich?

Dennis Kucinich & wifeIn an earlier post, MB left this comment:

It’s a conversation for another time, but I’m struck by how well Kucinich matches up for many of us, but we never treated him as a serious candidate. I think there’s plenty of good reasons for that particular result, but it really bothers me when, in primary season (and the run up to it) we spend so much more time on electability and whatnot instead of substantive policies.

MB is right. Why have so many of us not taken Kucinich seriously, when his views match up so well with our own? Are we only looking at electability or are there other reasons for dismissing the candidacy of him?


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  1. If the matter is electability, then why Obama and Hillary are leading the race? 😉

    I think that part of the appeal of Kucinich is being antiwar, and someway Mike Gravel and Ron Paul are stealing this mantle from him.

  2. Andre, I think you accidentally made a great point with your question! Have you seen the “I gotta crush on Obama” / “Hot4Hill” viral videos from youtube that Vivian posted about earlier? It’s not a message about healthcare or the war on Iraq or anything, it’s just pointing out that they’re attractive, likeable people.

    And it reiterates my point that Kucinich’s wife needs to be posting a youtube video about how she has a cruch on Kucinich–and unlike Obama girl and Hillary’s girl, she actually married him and is sleeping with him.

    Which I just can’t picture. At all. HOW, DENNIS?!

  3. I like Kucinich a lot and agree with him on more things than not. But do I think he could ever stand a chance in winning? Hell no. Do I think it would be a good thing if he did? Nope. Why? Same reason it would be a bad thing if I were the president: good ideas do not equal good management and execution of those ideas. We’d both f**k it up.

    But I’d still buy him a drink.

  4. Anonymous

    My point is: the most important voting bloc in the United States are the white bluer workers from the South and the West. They are worried with things like jobs and education, and last year they did vote for people that had results in the area while cutting taxes(Like Janet Napolitano e Kathleen Sebelius) and for populists that attacked free trade, like Sherrod Brown and James Webb.

    What Hillary, Obama and Edwards have to offer? The three have lack of experience, specially considering matters like foreign affairs and education. Most of the people in the South thinks that Edwards is some kind of sissie playboy, and most of these people hates Hillary.

    That´s not the guys that you´d expect to win the presidency against a good republican candidate. At least Kucinich has principles.

  5. 1. He was a terrible chief executive in Cleveland.
    2. He has been an ineffectual Congressman, who doesn’t get anything done.
    3. He may be the only Democrat who would lose a general election, if nominated.

  6. the most important voting bloc in the United States are the white bluer workers from the South and the West

    Don’t believe the hype, André. While your addition of folks out West adds some additional complication for my point, I say this: you don’t need the stereotyped blue collar Southern white male to win.

  7. MB

    You don´t need to win the South or the West to get the presidency. But you need at least not to lose big. That´s how Claire McCaskill and James Webb won last year, having good results in the rural areas, even without victory there, to sum to the results in Kansas City, Saint Louis and Northern Virginia.

    Gore only won on Iowa and New Mexico in the southern and western states outside Chicagoland. Kerry won none of these states. Even with Colorado, Arkansas, Virginia and Ohio aligning with the democrats there is no guarantee.

    And don´t forget that Michael Dukakis had a reasonable lead in the polls in 1988, and he(And Willie Horton) transformed that in reasonable defeat.

  8. Vivian,

    Sweetheart, there is no campaign there and he ain’t raised no money-If I may be so ungrammatically bold. Ain’t nothin there to get excited about except meeting his wife. Running for Preznit requires big pockets and his are jus’ plain empty, Baby. Busted. Broke. Nada.

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