Lady Bird Johnson: 1912 – 2007

Lady Bird Johnson died yesterday at the age of 94. Read more about this remarkable lady here.


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  1. I wonder what history would read if you replaced GWB with LBJ?

    Lady Bird was a major stock holder of Brown &Root which was bought out by and became Haliburton in which Lady Bird held major interest to this day in. It was a medium size construction company in Texas. They got all of the contracts to build all of the bases, roads, and airports in Vietnam. Not mentioning that Houston Control (exact duplicate of cape canavarel sp.), was built by B&R and ordered by Johnson. It soon became the largest construction company in the USA.

    In 1962, Brown & Root sold out to Halliburton, a booming oil-well construction-and-services firm, and in the following years the conglomerate grew spectacularly. According to Dan Briody, who has written a book on the subject, Brown & Root was part of a consortium of four companies that built about eighty-five per cent of the infrastructure needed by the Army during the Vietnam War. At the height of the resistance to the war, Brown & Root became a target of protesters, and soldiers in Vietnam derided it as Burn & Loot.

  2. My mom worked at her radio station!

    Well…technically, it was her daughter, Lynda’s, because Mrs. Johnson gave it to Lynda after Lynda married Chuck. The station wasn’t in the Robb name for a while though, because Chuck couldn’t own a radio station while running for office at the time. Mrs. Johnson was a lovely woman.

    Also, she put up with LBJ and, at the risk of being coarse, the shenanigans that man pulled…well, they are not printable here.

  3. please do not blame lady bird for presidents johnsons vietnam, it was his to win but he did not, lady bird is one of the more likeable frist ladies, goes back to a time when frist ladies understood what the job was suppport the president, not be president[ hillary].

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