Northam: doctor, citizen

Ralph Northam campaigningA little before 8am this morning, Ralph Northam was heading for work. As he headed down Granby Street, near Norfolk Collegiate, he witnessed an accident. A father was walking his son across the street, taking him to school. There was a lady pulling out, heading south on Granby Street. Apparently, she was looking towards Wards Corner and never saw Richard White and his son, Frankie, in the crosswalk. She struck the boy, flipping him up in the air, and he landed on the pavement.

Northam, a pediatric neurologist, jumped out of his vehicle, called the Rescue Squad and proceeded to help the boy. He examined him, checking his neck and so forth, and loaded him into the ambulance when it arrived shortly thereafter. The boy was taken to Norfolk General for further examination and he is apparently doing well, with no broken bones, according to a report from them that Dr. Northam received.

Other witnesses to the accident were out there as well. One of them had turned off his car and when he went to leave, the car wouldn’t start. Dr. Northam retrieved his jumper cables and started the man’s car!

Twice in one morning, Dr. Northam exhibited his commitment to our community, not as a contrived photo op but simply as a contributing member of our society. You may or may not read this story in the local news. You probably won’t see it in any mail you receive. But this speaks to the character of the man, one willing to use his skills to help others.

This is the kind of guy we need to represent us. Come November 6, elect Ralph Northam. In the meantime, he needs our help. Volunteer and contribute today.

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25 thoughts on “Northam: doctor, citizen

  1. I am not talking about personal monetary profits. Of course as a Doctor, his income far exceeds what he will earn as a state senator. My point is, that he is going profit politically from this story. You, viv and Susan are acting like he won’t and wouldn’t think about taking advantage of this story and exploting it to gain votes. You are absolutely crazy if you think otherwise.

  2. So which would you prefer, rlewis: that the people in the 6th only learn about the character of Northam via Rerras’ “Millionaire” ads or that an ordinary citizen, who is not on the payroll or affiliated with the Northam campaign, share the story? How is my posting this story any different from an advocacy letter that appears in the Pilot?

    I guess I’m just trying to figure out why this piece upsets you so.

  3. rlewis-
    WHY is this a problem? SO FREAKIN what if he “profits politically” for showing that he is a caring doctor. And furthermore, with the shape Rerras is in, I don’t think Northam would even need to “profit” any more than he has by running against a canidate who has said things like his comments on mental illness (according to “Dr” Rerras, mental illness isn’t a medical condition– it is only the fact that a person is “spiritually weak” – wow, that Mother Theresa, who in fact did have bouts of depression, must have been sooo weak)., his mailing saying Notham is against stronger drunken driving laws (because Northam is against the civil remedial fees) and I could go on and on and on…
    Rlewis, as a Willoughby resident who lives on the beach, can you tell me WHAT Rerras has done for the Bay?

    And back to this incident this AM, can I just say from what I see on this blog (and what I like about it), Vivian posts not only the good but also the bad as well as the ugly.

  4. So to summarize this discussion:

    1. “Ralph Northam is a nice guy.”
    2. “F-ck Ralph Northam for being a nice guy.”
    3. “F-ck Vivian and Susan for being gossipy about how Ralph Northam is a nice guy.”
    4. “People who carry jumper cables are stupid because if you have AAA membership you don’t need to know how to jumpstart a car or change a tire.”

    Sometimes I can’t tell if the candidates are what’s wrong with politics today, or it’s us. Seriously, folks, what’s the problem with Norham being a nice guy? Can you not happily live your own life and still vote for incumbent without believing in your hearts that Ralph Northam swindles single mothers, pushes elderly ladies in front of moving cars and eats underpriviledged children for lunch? Do you actually find the notion that a democrat might be a decent person physically offensive to you personally?

    Must you insist on focusing on only the petulant in politics?

  5. Sometimes I can’t tell if the candidates are what’s wrong with politics today, or it’s us.

    It’s us. Without us, there wouldn’t be them. Without them, we’d still be us. Sad but true, I think.

  6. rlewis, HMR, I believe you are deceived by the way the world has bent you to believe. I’ve known Dr. Ralph Northam all my life and I can tell you the truth about the man. Number one, he helped because he truly cares. End of story on that. Secondly, he could care less if it ever made the papers or not. He will not make political hay out of assisting a traffic accident. As for as Nick Rerras is concerned, he is a false politician and a crackpot. The sooner we get his type out of Virginia politics, the better off the state will be. We folks from the Eastern Shore may not be as “savvey” as you slick city folk, but we do know fools when we see them…

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