Pilot endorsements are coming

The Virginian Pilot announced this morning a slight change in its endorsement policy: no longer will they endorse in presidential races. Um, OK.

But what they really wanted to do in their op-ed was remind folks of how they do their endorsements.

We make no secret of our bias for candidates who fit the pragmatic, good government philosophy of our page. We favor those people who can get something done and don’t waste time trying to score political points.

Endorsements are like a job search for candidates who fill that bill. They are not predictions; they are simply the best cases we can make for the best candidates.

That’s the reason we endorse, and why our pages are open for you to do the same.

To our minds, prior experience counts and gives incumbents an edge. Experience is an asset. When candidates come to make their case, they are asked to tell us why they should be hired. Challengers must explain what the incumbent has done to deserve being fired.

That is about the same criteria that the Pilot put forth last fall. And like last fall, I’ll be using their criteria to predict their endorsements 😉 I had planned on doing that Thursday, but I guess I need to move up my post. Look for my predictions tomorrow morning.