No to Barker gay-boating*

Y’all all know how I feel about local politics: I’d much rather write about the stuff close to home than the stuff happening elsewhere. Then there are the times when “home” has a much broader meaning. Such is the case with Democratic Senate candidate George Barker.

Barker has been the target of a malicious mailing put out by his opponent, incumbent Republican Jay O’Brien. The mailing, which can be viewed here, claims that Barker “wants to take time away from core academic subjects like math, science, and reading to teach children to accept the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender (GLBT) lifestyle.”

Jay O’Brien is desperate. Barker, a pro-equality candidate, has run a heck of a campaign, including receiving the endorsement of The Washington Post. O’Brien, on the other hand, has the dubious distinction of having been one of the early recipients of money from the newly minted conservative PAC, Citizens for the Commonwealth.

Here’s what Delegate Adam Ebbin had to say:

O’Brien began his career by touting anti-gay legislation to keep gays and lesbians from serving in the Virginia National Guard. We can not and must not let Virginia Republicans continue to get away with these George Allen/Ollie North/Karl Rove style tactics. Times have changed, and though anti-gay extremism may have helped O’Brien win election in 1993, let’s show Virginia that anti-gay extremism can end his career now.

Yeah, let’s show ’em 😡 For those of you in Arlington, head over to the Arlington County Democratic Headquarters and do some phone banking on Barker’s behalf. Those of you outside of the area can donate your money, either directly to Barker through his website or through a special page set up for Del. Ebbin’s PAC, Virginia Progress Fund.

*gay-boating is like swift-boating – and we all know how that worked out. h/t to Blueweeds for the term.


5 thoughts on “No to Barker gay-boating*

  1. Here’s what Greg reported Barker as saying: Barker had said “he would support Gay Marriage at the Equality Fairfax debate. George said he would support legislation to create Gay-Straight alliances in high schools.” I guess in the cloudcuckooland of mainstreaming homosexual behavior, telling the truth about a candidate’s embrace of the radical homosexual agenda is “homophobic,” itself a vile, inaccurate, and dishonest smear.

    That’s not “gay-baiting,” Viv, even to a partisan Dem such as yourself; it’s an accurate report of Barker’s far-outside-of-the-mainstream … “pandering,” I believe Greg called it.

    BTW, Arlingon isn’t even IN the 39th District.

  2. While one can almost picture the froth at the lips when reading a phrase like “cloudcuckooland of mainstreaming homosexual behavior,” I at least appreciate that James Young managed to comment here without dishing out any sort of slur. The restraint is commendable. If only Jay O’Brien had shown that sort of restraint when it came to completely mischaracterizing Barker’s stance on gay rights–it’s a far cry from posting on a blog saying a Democrat would support legislation that would allow students to establish gay-straight alliances to saying that it justifies a politician accusing said Democrat of wanting to teach homoeroticism to kids in public schools against their will.

  3. As one who lives in this district-O’Brien is a vicious and innffective legislator that needs to be run out of town by George, who I know personally to be an intelligent,thoughtful and highly moral person. How about a shift and we try that for a while instead of lying, cheating cronism. Oh thats right you R’s dont like peace and prosperity,something about your childhood, seek treatment now.

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