Philip Forgit Live Blog Friday 3:30pm

Philip Forgit, Democratic candidate in the 1st Congressional District, will live blog here Friday at 3:30pm.

Tuesday evening, Philip received the endorsement of 6th district Senator-elect Ralph Northam. At a campaign rally in Blakes, Northam called on the supporters present–as well as the hundreds who made his recent victory possible in a formerly Republican district–to do all they could to support Forgit in his bid for the Virginia First District Special Election on December 11.

“I am proud to support Philip Forgit for Congress because he has shown throughout his life a true commitment to serving his community,” said Dr. Northam. “As father and a pediatric neurologist, I support Philip because of his experience teaching in our schools. I know he understands what our children and our teachers need to succeed in the classroom.

“As a veteran who treated soldiers during Desert Storm, I support Philip because I know that he understands the problems we are facing in Iraq and knows what our veterans need when they come home,” Dr. Northam continued. “We would all benefit by sending an honest public servant like Philip to Washington to represent our values.”

US Senate candidate Mark Warner also endorsed Philip. From his website:

On December 11, voters in the First Congressional District will be asked to fill the seat of the late Congresswoman Jo Ann Davis. Philip Forgit is the the best person to fill that job.

Leave your questions for Philip in this thread. Political Blogger Alliance

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40 thoughts on “Philip Forgit Live Blog Friday 3:30pm

  1. Thanks everyone for stopping in. I’d like to start by answering Patrick’s question about what I saw in Iraq.

    I saw Iraqis who were eager to learn and grown in their jobs. They were eager to step up to take leadership roles in their country. They had a great deal of pride in their history and culture.

    In the first unit I worked with, Americans were doing all the jobs at the start and by the end, we had succeeded in training Iraqis to lead all those positions.

    That is the way forward in Iraq. As they stand up, that means we go home.

    Patrick said, on November 30th, 2007 at 1:51 pm

    Dear Mr. Forgit,

    Can you talk about what you saw happening in iraq and the training of their soldiers?”


  2. Responding to JM on Veterans:

    I’d like to see the rhetoric of support for our troops match the dollars that go into veterans’ health care and benefits.

    I think it’s reprehensible that in the 2006 budget, the government cut medical benefits, closed VA hospitals, required veterans to pay a $250 annual enrollment fee and doubled prescription drug co-payments. These things need to be addressed.

    We need to pay particular attention in the VA medical community to brain trauma because this could well become the Agent Orange of this war.

    Furthermore, I would like to expand health care for national guard and reservists who make up a large percentage of those on active duty in these wars.

    This could be part of a larger package of veterans benefits in a New GI Bill of Rights.

    JM said, on November 30th, 2007 at 12:02 pm

    Mr. Forgit,

    Can you give some details about what you would like to see Congress do for the large number of disabled veterans coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan?


  3. re: No Child Left Behind

    No Child Left Behind like many of the unfunded mandates at the federal level, left the money behind.

    I have no problem with accountability, but states must receive the resources promised in order to reach these standards.

    As a teacher, I am very familiar with most of the education mandates and bills which have come down from Congress in the last 30 years–all with admirable aims–but in almost all instances, state and local governments are left to make up the funding gap left by the federal government. This puts a huge strain on local governments.

  4. re: MB: Government Oversight

    I think we have seen some improvement with the new majority in terms of oversight–bringing to light billions of dollars that have disappeared in Iraq as well as questionable practices with the various contractors doing business with the government.

    This is a critical part of Congress’ role and I think even more can be done in the future. For example, with all that has gone on in this war, there must be a strong call for a review–like a Truman Commission–of where and how our tax dollars were spent.

  5. Re: Health Care Problems

    First there need to be some guiding principles. Health care should be accessible, affordable and portable. A lot of people miss the last point, but in today’s economy it is very expensive to maintain health insurance between jobs–I know from experience. So we have to have a system that fits the realities of people’s lives

    Second, I want to look at existing programs that can be built upon rather than creating whole new bureaucracies. For instance, the State Children’s Health Insurance Program has been successfully applied to states across the country and saved millions of kids from facing illness without insurance. This is a good program–which has wide bipartisan support–that we can learn from and apply to other situations. Likewise, Medicare has been successful in many regards and we can build on that.

    Third, I want to see a distinctly American solution–with full involvement of private insurance companies. I don’t want to see a single payer system like some countries have with its clear shortcomings.

    We have to do something to solve this problem soon.

  6. Mr. Forgit – so what would you like to see the private insurance companies do? Given the fact that they’re the ones who have largely created this problem, I’m not sure that we can trust them to come up with a solution that serves the needs of our citizens (your possible constituents) instead of their own (not your constituents).

  7. Re: NRCC Attacks

    For years, Republicans have been using such negative attacks to distract voters from their failed leadership in Iraq and so many other areas. It’s all they have left because the Republican brand is fading.

    You may have noticed that my opponent rarely identifies himself as a Republican because he knows that’s not what Virginians really want. We want solutions and we want people who will make things happen in Washington.

    The bottom line is that if you knock on doors and make calls and tell your friends that there is a real opportunity to change things in the election, then we can win. It’s time to fight for the future of our country.

  8. re: Immigration

    Thanks, Billy, this is a very important issue. I believe we have to address security concerns before we can go anywhere on immigration. First we have to secure our borders–north and south. That’s what the Department of Homeland Security is supposed to be doing, but they have really dropped the ball so far. Second we need to actually enforce laws to stop businesses from knowingly hiring illegal immigrants. These two things must be done before anything else.

    I find it laughable that Republicans pose as being tough on immigration when they had all the power in Washington for years and the problem only got worse under their watch. I think this is a great issue for Democrats to take leadership on and that’s why I support commonsense solutions like Heath Shuler’s SAVE Act.

  9. Re: Immigration. Why must those two things be “done before anything else”? Do you think Congress is incapable of addressing the problem in a comprehensive manner? Or is because you think that it’s just easier to call for tougher enforcement, and then maybe someone will get around to addressing root causes and what do about existing undocumented people living in the US?

  10. Thanks for your questions.

    We can win this. We’ve got the other side scrambling right now. I appreciate how many people are helping out by making phone calls, going door to door and giving money. In the final days now we can use all that and more. So please join us:

    If you care about your country, please vote on December 11 and bring your friends who want to see real leadership in Washington–not just more of the old politics.

    Thank you,


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