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I had a great time canvassing for Philip Forgit yesterday along with others from the Southside of Hampton Roads. We had a nice contingent of folks and a pretty decent day for knocking doors – not too hot, not too cold, and only a little windy.

Philip was in other parts of the district while we here helping out in Newport News. Photos from his travels in Warrenton, Spotsylvania County and Fredericksburg are available on the campaign’s Flicker page.

This race will be all about GOTV. In talking to voters yesterday, a number of them were unaware that there will be an election on December 11. The campaign still needs volunteers for phonebanking and canvassing and, of course, would love your contributions. Contact Jamey in the Peninsula office and Missy in the Stafford office to help out.

By the way – Philip will be appearing on On the Record with host Joel Rubin next Sunday. His opponents – Republican Rob Wittman and Independent Lucky Narain – are also scheduled to appear.

UPDATE: Some important information on the election regarding voting can be found over at Shaun’s site.

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