Deserving: Judge Eileen Olds

Chesapeake Judge Eileen OldsThe Chesapeake Clipper has a fascinating story about Juvenile & Domestic Court Judge Eileen Olds. (View in IE – it doesn’t display properly in Firefox.) With openings on the Circuit Court, it would seem that this woman would be a lock: UVA & W&M grad, 13 years on the bench, president of the American Judges Association (and the first Virginian to hold that title). Yet her nomination appears to have been derailed by – surprise – politics.

The article points out that two of the roadblocks that she is encountering are coming from black Democratic senators Louise Lucas and Yvonne Miller. My understanding is that there is more to this story – a lot more, some of which I can share and some I can’t. This was the under-the-radar process I alluded to earlier.

First, I’m hearing that the Chesapeake Republican delegation wants a Republican to be elevated instead. That person happens to be a black male. Seems that his name was sent up instead of Olds’.

Second, I’m hearing that none of the open judgeships are going to be filled. Seems the newly reconstituted Joint Republican Caucus has decided to put them in the lap of the Governor, who can appoint the judges, but only for a term of one year. Not sure that anyone would be willing to take him up on that offer.

I guess losing four seats in the House and control of the Senate hasn’t taught them anything about bipartisanship and doing the people’s business. Everyone I talk to says the same thing: the partisanship of this session of the General Assembly is unlike any previously noted. And it’s a shame. Because at the end of the day, the people lose.

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6 thoughts on “Deserving: Judge Eileen Olds

  1. What a fascinating story and what a shame that such a bright and talented woman is having the difficulties becoming a circuit court judge. And her sister is a doctor, yet!!! What a family that must be.

    Anyway, is there anything that we can do at the grassroots to fix this problem? Does this story need wider coverage? Or is there more to learn on this?

  2. sleepless – yes there is something that we can do. We can contact Senator Yvonne Miller, Senator Louise Lucas, Delegate John Cosgrove, and Delegate Kenneth Melvin and let them know that Judge Olds is the BEST qualified person for this position.

  3. Let me say that I am sick and tired of reading about African-Americans that are in a position to do the right thing by other deserving African-Americans, but they don’t. It sounds to me like the two or three people in that position are more worried about THEIR political appearance than doing what is right for the citizens that THEY are supposed to be representing. There is no doubt in my mind or anyone with a mind that Judge Olds is the BEST choice for the Circuit Court. Who else would you want to hear YOUR case, a well educated, experienced and wise judge of 13 years, or someone who is being used as a token just to say they put another African-American on the bench? For me, I’ll take Judge Olds and all of that comes with her. Because I’ll know that whatever she ruled would be fair.

  4. Judge olds shouldn’t be a judge. face it she only got the post because of her race and sex.

    she is anti-father, anti-men, where else can a female rapist get a PR bond and walk out of court. where a first time male rapist would get a huge bond if he gets one at all


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