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Daylight Savings Time.. to spring forward? The best I could do was get up and reset all the clocks in the house. The loss of an hour at this time of the year is just one more hurdle to jump during tax season. Already there are not enough hours in the day.

As I said last year, why not just pick one time and stick with it? Let me guess: there are no CPAs amongst those making these laws. Speaking of which – can’t the Virginia legislature opt out of DST? Aren’t there a few states that do?

Perhaps I’ll research that and add it to my legislative agenda for next year 😉


11 thoughts on “Did you remember..

  1. I forgot but being under a couple feet of snow, it was not like we were going anywhere today. I did, however, dig out my driveway with the help of my neighbors. Seems like a lot of folks are helping each other out. Some with shovels, some with snow blowers.

    It is nice to live in a neighborhood where people actually talk to each other. My neighborhood in VA Beach sort of kept to itself.

    It is good to be back in the Midwest

  2. Since “Daylight Saving Time” is not longer than “Standard Time,” should they not be renamed “Standard Time” and “Daylight Wasting Time”?

  3. As far as the opt out thing goes, I don’t really like legislating peer pressure but this really is one of those cases where “everybody else is doing it” really is the best reason you need to go with the flow. Scheduling a meeting in Montgomery County MD if I lived in Arlington would suck more than it already does–stupid beltway traffic. Let’s legislate fixing that first. 🙂

  4. Mouse, I feel the same way about our gasoline consumption. If everyone else stopped using so much fuel, I’d totally be able to afford filling up my tank three times a week! 😀

  5. DST year round, please. WTF do you need sunshine in the early AM for? Sunday was a bigger holiday for me than New Year’s or Easter (which, admittedly, isn’t saying much). I am *thrilled* to be typing this comment in the daylight.

    The only state without DST is Arizona.* And, well, I think that pretty much speaks for itself.

    *A few counties in Indiana don’t count. Apparently they’ve got nothing better to do than worry about the time all year.

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