Fun quiz: Yankee or Dixie

OK, so I’m going to be tied up today getting ready for tomorrow’s party and I don’t feel like writing anything heavy. Somebody sent me this quiz a couple of weeks ago and I thought it was fun. Head on over and take the quiz here. Report your results in the comments.

Funny – I’ve lived in Hampton Roads since I was 3 years old and I only scored 57% – barely Dixie. How the heck is that possible?

I think I’ll blame it on being surrounded by come-heres 😉 .


26 thoughts on “Fun quiz: Yankee or Dixie

  1. I scored 49% — just barely a Yankee.

    Yet I’ve lived in Virginia far longer than I lived in my home state of Wisconsin.

    It just goes to show how impactful one’s early years are.

  2. I was born in Virginia and have lived here for my entire life. I scored 47%. I don’t even want to repeat the description.

  3. Ok. Based on some of the comments here and in an email thread regarding this I am very VERY suspect at the accuracy of this quiz!!!

    My mom, born and raised in the hills of Kentucky, my dad, born and raised in the truck farms of SOUTHern Georgia. Me? Raised in the north Florida timber lands, summered every year in Georgia and Kentucky.

    My score? 57% Dixie. Well I never!

  4. Didn’t see this earlier…

    tx2vadem? You don’t remember Military Highway and Virginia Beach Blvd area around here? I thought we called ’em feeder roads didn’t we? Those went away in the middle 80’s here I think. But we had a few.

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