Tell me it ain’t so, Howard!

I know I’m supposed to just get over Hillary Clinton being out of the race. And I’m trying. But when I was elected as Clinton delegate to the convention, I thought that I would have at least one more chance to cast a ballot for my candidate. Apparently, that isn’t the case: Hillary will not be on the ceremonial first ballot.

I do not know where this will go from here but I do know that history and precedent favor placing Hillary’s name on the first ballot. If Dean and his puny 167.5 delegates got onto the ballot (in 2004), then the person with the most votes in Democratic primary history certainly deserves equal treatment. Anything less isn’t fair or right.

I know a lot of Clinton supporters are still seething over the hiring of Patti Solis Doyle, seen by many as a slap in the face. And I’m aware that a new group has sprung up from the ranks of Clinton supporters.

If this is what party unity looks like, I’d hate to see what the opposite would be.

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54 thoughts on “Tell me it ain’t so, Howard!

  1. There are so many things stated all over the net as “fact” that are NOT facts at all. Repeat them enough and people go with it I suppose.

    Michigan and Florida are great examples. Three OTHER states that more favored Obama were not punished at all for moving up their primaries. The rules everyone agreed to stated that they would comply with NOT campaigning in any state that moved up their primary. Obama DID campaign in Florida. When they signed all five states were on the document and I am sure it was thought at that time that any penalties would apply fairly to every state that went ahead. This was not the case and the most unfair and ridiculous penalties ensued. Obama took his name OFF the ballot in Michigan in a ploy to influence the outcome in Iowa and indeed the entire race.. and then he tried to get his name back on unsuccessfully. Brazile really over stepped things by “severely and harshly” punishing Florida beyond what the DNC rules allow for…fifty percent NOT one hundred. People need to go and really look into how this all happened and what it is that have everyone so up in arms. It’s the most unconstitutional gaming of the system besides all the caucus cheating that went on here. There are documents out there if you want the truth that tell exactly what happened and why..not “blogs” documents.

    That’s what the protest is about. Not that everyone agreed to one certain set of rules and they were held all to the same standard. That’s not at all what happened. Just repeating in a hundred times doesn’t make it so. If the DNC is allowed to get away with this then it won’t matter in the future who the candidate is. I find it hilarious that Dean, Pelosi and Brazile all three screamed popular vote and then flipped it to another mantra about delegates when it suited their “cause”

    All they care about is Soros money. It’s quite scary actually and has gone beyond personality and candidates “this” election. Howard Dean and his echo affect, and this mantra of ignoring the obvious. Pelosi, Dean, Brazile and the rest are a disgrace to the democratic process right now.

    I’m not towing party line this time because the party has lost all the principles they said they stood for. It might favor you this time but, they might as well install their choice in every election. Not even bothering to investigate what happened in the caucuses?? How bizarre.

    Something smells to high heaven here and people ARE looking into it with lawyers.

  2. Dem Alarm — we already had quite the discussion about the other states here and here.

    The other states asked for and received permission from the DNC to move up their primaries. Florida and Michigan did not.

  3. > “6.25% black”?

    > How did you get that?

    Like I said, intelligent people know this about Obama… Anyway, for those who don’t:

    “CHARGE 14 – “I understand what it is to be an African American.”

    EVIDENCE – Senator Obama is not African American according to U.S. Law. Senator Obama is an Arab-American according to U.S. Law. SOURCE 1, SOURCE 2, SOURCE 3

    COUNTER CLAIM – Senator Obama’s father is from Kenya (Black African) and he (Obama) was born in America. How can you say he is not African American?

    REBUTTAL – Senator Obama’s racial background consists of the following: 50% white (mother, both sides), 43.25% Arabic (father, both sides), and 6.25% African Negro (father, one side, 1 generation removed). 12.5% is the legal threshold one must prove to claim racial status under the law. In addition, Senator Obama cannot make a sociological claim as an African American either. He was not raised as an African American, was not raised by African Americans, and was not raised in an African American neighborhood.


    (The above is taken from this page, which I highly recommend to anyone even REMOTELY considering supporting the lying, incompetent Obama:.)

  4. Fortunately, most of us choose to vote content of character, not color of skin.

    Obama is a liar. He is a politician. But I repeat myself (and Mark Twain).

    What we have to decide is, which liar do we want to be President.

  5. And oh, BTW, even if he IS only 6.25%, that would have been enough to subject him to the race-based laws we had not long ago enough.

  6. Sorry, savagepolitics is not a credible site.
    Amazing how the smears have started so early… and it’s just going to get worse.

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