Kent Nye wades into the fray

Kent Nye, brother of Glenn and an Iraqi war veteran, waded into the fray today:

While America’s working families gather around their kitchen tables to assess how our nation’s economic crisis will effect them, Thelma Drake is preoccupied with attacking me over where I kept my socks while I was serving my nation in Iraq.
Nye Brothers
Earlier this week, Thelma Drake falsely and personally attacked my brother Glenn and me. Her accusations were completely baseless, and an in-depth investigation by the Virginian-Pilot proved them to be nothing but empty, scurrilous attacks.

Like my brother, I too share a sense of community service. Inspired by the way our nation came together after September 11th, I joined the Army.  Then I joined my brother and went to Iraq to work on the economic side of the counter-insurgency.

Now, I just returned home from Iraq last week, and the last thing I expected was to be greeted by hollow accusations and senseless attacks.  Thelma Drake’s campaign claimed that they didn’t believe I had “maintained a room” or had “access to a kitchen.”  I can let them know right now-I had a place to lay my head and access to a kitchen both at my home in the US and in Iraq because of the brave work of our soldiers.

This is the sort of attitude veterans like me can’t stand from Washington.

The truth is that Thelma Drake is vulnerable and is resorting to an all out smear campaign to distract voters from her failure to do anything about the real issues our country is facing. 

With your help, we can hold Thelma Drake accountable and ensure that my brother Glenn’s campaign is about what matters to the hard working families of the Second District, like having a Representative in Washington that they can be proud of.

Thank you for your support,

Kent Nye

OK, so I edited out all the appeals for money but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t need any. Head on over and contribute.