Netroots gubernatorial debate 4/29 questions thread

Hosted by Not Larry Sabato, The Huffington Post, Fire Dog Lake and the Collegiate Times, the gubernatorial debate featuring Creigh Deeds, Terry McAuliffe and Brian Moran will take place at Virginia Tech next Wednesday, April 29 at 7:30pm.

Every question to be asked of the candidates will come through the new media. You can submit a question via YouTube (please notify the organizers by email once you have posted your short video), Twitter,  or simply by leaving your questions in this thread.  Please leave your home city and state so that the organizers will know where the questions are coming from.

The debate will be broadcast by C-SPAN and a live feed has been promised.

So, if you have a question for the Democratic candidates for governor, leave them here and we’ll see if your question gets asked at the debate 😉

UPDATE: Please get your questions in. The debate is coming soon.


26 thoughts on “Netroots gubernatorial debate 4/29 questions thread

  1. A federal judge recently struck down the illegal King William Reservoir permit as “Arbitrary and Capricious”. Governor Gilmore and Bob McDonnell have ignored scientists and facts while putting considerable effort into reversing previous permit denials for this ill-conceived project.

    Now that the cost has quadrupled, the need totally evaporated and tens of millions wasted, the only rationale left to support the project is the money already spent. As governor will you spare Peninsula residents hundreds of millions more dollars and pull the plug on this unneeded and wasteful boondoggle?

    Kelly Place
    Williamsburg, VA

    OK, that’s enough unless someone wants more. There is also much more wrong with this project than meets the public eye. There has never been a water project in the permitting process near as long as this one which has no end in sight. There has never been a spade of dirt turned for this project and there never will be. It should be investigated and then forgotten. It is testament to the fact that the expense of a bad project is never justification to continue it.

  2. Following Kelly’s example, I’ll offer this addendum to my Fort Monroe question: On April 20, candidate Deeds joined the Civil War Preservation Trust and the editors of the Virginian-Pilot in calling for a Fort Monroe National Park — exactly what the developers do not want. A few days later, candidate Moran declined to engage that idea when asked about it on a radio call-in show. It’s widely agreed that the national park is best seen as something innovatively structured to allow for Fort Monroe to be self-sustaining by generating its own revenue — a task for which it has plenty of assets. Thanks.
    Steven T. Corneliussen
    Poquoson, Virginia

  3. will you require the state to invest in solar power and energy independent housing development in the next 5 years?

    also will you ban any off shore drilling for oil or natural gas forever, understanding that the health of the Chesapeake would suffer if it was allowed?


  4. Question For All the Candidates– Yes or No–Will you oppose uranium drilling in Virginia?

    Question for Terry McCauliffe–How can Mr. McCauliffe show that Allan Quasha has no undue influence given the profitable connection Terry McCauliffe has with Alan Quasha? (Alan Quasha is the financier who bailed George Bush out of his Harken Energy company and then set Bush up with an ownership interest in the Baseball team in Texas. Terry McCauliffe worked for Quasha and invested 100,000 which resulted in a 18 million dollar profit for McCauliffe)

    Buzz….Buzz…..I’m still buzzin’ around in Portsmouth VA.

  5. Just saying hello to you all .. Still a bit confused about the goings on here, but I guess I’ll keep poking around.

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