Shannon releases ad, knocks Cuccinelli on Hamilton

Steve ShannonSteve Shannon, the Democratic candidate for Attorney General, released his first radio ad today. In it, he takes Republican candidate Ken Cuccinelli to task for being the only statewide candidate to not call for the resignation of Newport News Republican Del. Phil Hamilton.

Listen to the ad below.

From the press release announcing the ad:

“Being Attorney General is about protecting the public from crime, and that includes corruption. What the office shouldn’t be about is pushing a personal political agenda,” said Mike Henry, Steve Shannon’s Campaign Manager. “Phil Hamilton’s behavior demands resignation, and all the other statewide candidates from both parties has said so. But even now, Ken Cuccinelli can’t bring himself to set aside his political agenda and do the obviously right thing. Is that someone we want to trust as the top law enforcement officer in the state?”

The ad will be run in the Norfolk radio market.

Speaking of Hamilton, Public Policy Polling released part two of their Virginia poll today (pdf).  Included in this poll were two questions about Hamilton, which I had requested. While only 25% of voters statewide were aware of the Hamilton situation, 65% of those who were thought he should resign, compared with only 16% who thought he shouldn’t.

And in that 25% were not just Democrats. Among those who voted for McCain, 65% thought Hamilton should resign. A whopping 69% of the Kilgore voters thought the same. On party affiliation, 63% of Dems, 60% of Republicans and 71% of others thought he should resign. Every age group thought he should resign. More than half (52%) of the voters in the 757 area code were familiar with the Hamilton situation, and 64% of them thought he should resign.

Will there be a forced resignation come November 3?


9 thoughts on “Shannon releases ad, knocks Cuccinelli on Hamilton

  1. Hamilton is corrupt. cookinelli has made it clear through his own statements, it is ok to push his personal agenda through his elected office. An agenda involving personal finacial gain for himself, at taxpayer expense. Who realy knows what other [personal] gains cookinelli believes is ok.

  2. Here the problem:

    By aiming to score political points, Steve Shannon has effectively recused himself from filling his potential role at Attorney General.

    Virginia State Code § 30-116.3:

    3. If the Panel determines that there is a reasonable basis to conclude that the legislator knowingly violated any provision of Article 2 (§ 30-102 et seq.), 3 (§ 30-104 et seq.), 4 (§ 30-107 et seq.) or 5 (§ 30-109 et seq.) of this chapter, except § 30-108 or subsection C of § 30-110, it shall refer the matter by a written report setting forth its findings and the reasons therefor to the Attorney General for such action he deems appropriate.

    So he’s paying for an ad to show his fundamental lack of knowledge on the role of the AG. Awesome.

    1. Well, Jason, Joe Biden didn’t even know that the Vice President is part of the legislative branch of our government.

      Many Democratic Senators, in refusing to convict Clinton, said that his crimes “did not rise to the level of impeachment,” thus showing their ignorance of the Senate’s job in relation to that of the House of Representatives.

      Why would you expect a mere state-level Democrat to know what his job is?

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