Warner roundtable on women on combat

Senator Mark Warner held a roundtable in the Norfolk Main Library this morning to hear from military women and representatives of various veteran support groups on the issue of combat stress. Last month, Warner sponsored legislation directing the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to spend the next year studying whether it is adequately addressing the issue of combat stress in military women.

As if almost on cue, there was a story this morning on the very same topic.

More than 230,000 American women have fought in those recent wars and at least 120 have died doing so, yet the public still doesn’t completely understand their contributions on the modern battlefield.

Warner got an earful from the women in attendance, whose experience ranged from a few years to 30 years of active duty military service.  Some of the women quoted in the AP story were in attendance at the roundtable.

I tweeted the meeting as it occurred.

Afterwards, Warner spoke with the media.

I’m glad to see Senator Warner taking on this issue. Taking care of our veterans – both male and female – should be a priority.

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