Is $530 million worth a phone call?

$530,368,002, to be exact. That is the amount of money that Virginia will receive if the Education Jobs Fund is extended, funds that will be used to create or save 8,154 education-related jobs.

The money is a part of the $23 billion Education Jobs Fund, which is included in the Jobs for America Act.  At risk nationwide are some 300,000 education-related jobs.

You can help to persuade our Senators, Jim Webb and Mark Warner, to support this legislation by making a phone call on Wednesday, May 26, as a part of the National Speak Up for Education & Kids Campaign call-in day.

Call 1-866-608-6355 to be connected to the United States Capitol Switchboard. Ask to speak to your House member. Once connected, ask them to support funding to save these jobs and to protect the students.

If you can’t call, you can email you Members of Congress and ask for their support to save education jobs in the emergency supplemental appropriations bill.


One thought on “Is $530 million worth a phone call?

  1. Where is that $23B going to come from?

    Virginia has 2.56% of the US population, and the 8th highest per capita income (so we get taxed more). $530M is only 2.3% of that $23B.

    So aside from the fact that the money would be funneled through the wasteful bureaucracy of the US govt, we will not be getting back nearly what we put into it.

    Get taxed about $600M to get $530M? Or worse, borrow $600M from the Chinese to get back $530M?

    No, thank you.

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