Gaylene Kanoyton for 1st VP of DPVA

Gaylene Kanoyton continues to pile up endorsements in her run for the 1st VP of the Democratic Party of Virginia. Those who have been around Virginia politics for a while know Gaylene and how hard she works to elect Democratic candidates.  Some of her activities:

  • Hampton Democratic Committee Chair
  • 2nd Congressional District Outreach Chair and Executive Board Member
  • Executive Board of the Virginia Womens Caucus
  • The Farm Team
  • Democratic Black Caucus of Virginia
  • DPVA Outreach Committee
  • DPVA Strategy Commitee
  • 1st Vice Chair Hampton NAACP
  • President, Hampton Watch
  • Urban League Executive Board
  • Appointed by Gov. Kaine to the Council of the Status of Women
  • Chesapeake Bay Academy Board Member

I am a grassroots leader with a track record of rallying our traditional base while garnering support from the business community. Over the last several years I have spent the bulk of my free time working on behalf of the DPVA and Democratic candidates across the state. As Chairwoman of the Hampton Democratic Committee for the past five years, I’ve led the way to record voter turnout in Hampton precincts. Under Gov. Mark Warner and Gov. Tim Kaine, I served as the local organizer of the Hampton Roads “Happy Hour with a Purpose” and the Hampton Roads Network Connections, also increasing voter turnout among the traditionally non-engaged voters 21-40 year old age group across the region.

Now I’m ready to do MORE…

I’m ready to help strengthen Local Committees, Congressional Districts & Caucuses.

RECRUIT by broadening our base of traditional support to include people from more diverse and less traditional backgrounds. Establish innovative recruitment methods to attract new members to local committees, especially in the rural areas.

EDUCATE by more boldly communicating who Democrats are, what the Party stands for, and supporting President Obama by explaining his policies and what they mean for us at the local level. Incorporate grassroots training that includes local precinct operations and outreach initiatives critical for the success of electing Democrats to office. We, not the opposition, must brand our message.

ACTIVATE by building on our recruitment and education efforts and motivating people to act.

How do I know this works? Because I’ve done it before! During the 2008 elections, my Democratic Committee was able to draw upon ties I have successfully built both within and outside of the Party faithful. Thanks to my involvement in a variety of community and grassroots organizations, my precinct committee was able to reach into the traditional Democratic voting base and organize effective GOTV efforts that led to record voter turnout. Having spent more than 20 years working in corporate sales and marketing, my ties extend beyond those groups expected to vote Democratic. We need innovative ideas and energy to communicate to those groups and bring in a broader base of support that will not only vote Democratic on election day, but also work with the Party to accomplish its goals throughout the rest of the year.


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