June 21: Longest day of the year

Today, June 21st, is the longest day of the year. And here in Hampton Roads, it looks like it’s going to be a hot one.

Is it just me or does it seem that we miss the real changing of the seasons these days? Although it is the official start of summer, it’s been pretty hot for a while. Seems to me we got from heat to air conditioning and back again, with barely a break in between. While the utility companies may love this, my pocketbook certainly doesn’t.


3 thoughts on “June 21: Longest day of the year

  1. I’ve never really gotten why we try to consider the summer solstice the start of summer and not the middle. I guess it’s a combination of weather patterns changing again as the days start growing shorter, the public school year’s over, and everyone’s cumulatively recognized that, wow, it’s really hot out now, isn’t it?

    Or maybe they just realize that it means it’s my birthday. 🙂

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