Mark your calendars: redistricting public meetings

The redistricting subcommittee of the House of Delegates Committee on Privileges and Elections has announced  six public hearings to be held this fall. The hearings are:

  • September 8th, 7pm – Natural Science Center, VA Western Community College (Roanoke)
  • September 22nd, 7pm – Roper Performing Arts Center, Tidewater Community College (Norfolk)
  • October 5th, 7pm – Mason Hall, George Mason University
  • October 18th, 7pm – Regional Center for Advanced Technology and Training, Danville Community College
  • December 6th, 7pm – University Hall, University of Mary Washington (Stafford Campus)
  • December 17th, 10am – 9th Floor Appropriations Room, General Assembly Building (time approximate, after Governor’s remarks to the money committees)

Redistricting will be the topic of the 2011 General Assembly session. For more information, please refer to the Redistricting website.


One thought on “Mark your calendars: redistricting public meetings

  1. It will be THE topic, but the public’s input will be, as it always is, ignored. It will be decided in the majority caucus of each house according to what they see as being in their partisan advantage.

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