Portsmouth mayor’s race down to 6

A second candidate in the race for Portsmouth mayor has dropped out. Mark Geduldig-Yatrofsky announced his withdrawal Tuesday. About 10 days ago, Terry Hancock Sr. did the same.  Both men cited the inability to win as being a reason for dropping out.

Hancock threw his support behind Lee Cherry, while Geduldig-Yatrofsky is supporting Kenny Wright. In addition to those two, D. Stefán Adams Sr., Billy Baker, Bill Moran and Elizabeth Psimas remain in the race as of this writing, although I have to wonder if a couple more won’t drop out soon.

The winner, who will be elected November 2, will serve the remaining term of James Holley III, who was recalled in July.


One thought on “Portsmouth mayor’s race down to 6

  1. Thanks for noticing! Unlike my “trend-setting” colleague, Mr. Hancock, I’m not going silently from the public arena but instead am actively working for Candidate Kenny Wright. Portsmouth has a rare opportunity to “change the game” with this election as well as the subsequent one to fill the vacancy created by Council Member Psimas’s resignation to run for mayor. With any luck, it will be a “new day” in Portsmouth come November 3.

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