We’re not Mississippi – yet

Mississippi has elections in the fall, like Virginia. Mississippi has a split legislature, like Virginia. There, Republicans control the State Senate while the Democrats control the House. Unlike Virginia, Mississippi’s legislature released its maps last month.  The House approved its maps on March 5 and the Senate its maps on March 10. But that’s where things get interesting.

The Senate, where Republicans hold a slim – 27-25 – majority, refuse to approve the House plan, although the House, where Democrats hold a 69-53 majority, has approved the Senate plan. Seems the hold up is the LG, Phil Bryant:

It amounts to a partisan debate between the Democratic House leadership and Byrant, a Republican. Each chamber is seeking advantage for the next election with the GOP eyeing gaining numbers to impact the internal race for House speaker.

In the midst of this power struggle, the NAACP has filed suit, seeking an injunction prohibiting this fall’s elections based on existing district lines, should the legislature fail to pass a new plan. Last Friday, Senate Democrats joined the suit.

Will Virginia end up like Mississippi? Time will tell.


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  1. Saw the headline and thought you were talking about an uneducated, low wage, poor health population since that is the role model the teabaggers in Richmond and Washington are trying to take the Country and Commonwealth.

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