Quick links 06/20/11

A few things from around the internet that caught my eye:


5 thoughts on “Quick links 06/20/11

  1. I am not sure if Tom just had a belly full in his term, or whether there is something bigger on the horizon for him that we don’t yet know about. In any case, it is a loss to the 5th and to Virginia to not have him helping us solve the problems that we face.

    He is the real deal, and I am not sure I have recovered from his loss last fall.

    One thing is certain; Robert Hurt is a cookie cutter image of his bosses in Washington, and is going along with all the horrible legislation and foot dragging that occurs there now. Pressure on him might be the only way we can win this seat back in 2012, and it is a long shot at that.

    Thanks for serving, Tom.

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