Check your voter registration cards

New voter registration cards were sent out by the State Board of Elections to those voters whose state Senate and/or House of Delegates districts changed as the result of redistricting. I received mine a couple of weeks ago. As it turns out, some of those cards may not be accurate.

A friend of mine from the Peninsula received her card. Being a savvy voter, she already knew that she had been redistricted from the 1st Senate to the 2nd. But when she opened it up, it showed that she was still in the 1st. She went online and checked – sure enough, 2nd. So she called the SBE. Turns out they sent the cards out before the changes to the districts were entered into the system. (How this voter got a new card in the first place remains a mystery.)

The SBE says a second, corrected card will be sent out. So be on the lookout for that.

The worst of this? My friend was told she was the only one who had called about this.

I already feel sorry for the poll workers in November. I suspect they are going to be re-directing a bunch of folks on Election Day.