Ft. Monroe no longer military base

I grew up in Phoebus, right outside of Ft. Monroe. I recall the coach of the community football team – for which I was a cheerleader – was an officer stationed there who lived in the neighborhood. After getting my license on my 16th birthday and a car shortly thereafter, Ft. Monroe was a place to cruise and hang out. I worked there in the summer – one year stocking shelves in the commissary, another as a clerk typist. One of my sisters, who still works for the Army, once worked there.

So I have a lot of memories about this base. As of today it is no longer a military base. The Virginian-Pilot has an interactive guide about the fort and what it contains.And I agree with this editorial and countless others: President Obama should issue a proclamation declaring the fort – and its storied history – a national monument.


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