It’s CPAs week!

Once again, Governor Bob McDonnell has proclaimed (pdf) this week “Virginia Certified Public Accountant’s Week.” This is the third year that the governor has recognized the 10,000 members of my profession, the first such recognition having come in our centennial year in 2009.

This Friday has been set aside as a day of service. More than 600 have signed up to participate but that just scratches the surface of the number of CPAs who contribute to our communities on an ongoing basis. No doubt if we were paid for all that we do, we’d all be rich – and retired – by now 🙂

The old CPA logo carried the tagline “The CPA. Never Underestimate the Value®” They ditched that in favor of “America Counts on CPAs ®” Regardless, I think we CPAs are an asset to our communities.

So go hug a CPA today!


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