For Mark Warner & Terry McAuliffe

Both of you are running around Virginia, trying to help Democratic candidates get elected in a tough year. Good for you. So you both need to be aware the next time you come to Norfolk just who your friends are.

I now live in the 83rd as well, thanks to redistricting. I’m waiting for my new representative to reach out to his new constituents. Wait – he doesn’t have to do that because he has no opponent, right? Even so, I was willing to give Del. Stolle the benefit of the doubt – that he would embrace being responsive to his constituents whether or not they voted for him.

Now I’m not so sure. The company you keep and all that.


9 thoughts on “For Mark Warner & Terry McAuliffe

  1. I read the invitation and I can’t figure out how Randy Wright got to be The honorable Randy Wright. It must be because he was a “Guest Speaker” on light rail in Europe before light rail was here. Oh wait, if he was a “guest speaker”, why did the citizens of Norfolk pay for the trip? Just wondering!!

  2. Vivian,
    Please come tonight. I would be happy to answer any questions you have. I am also happy to meet with any group from the 83rd district. I value any direct input that would help me better represent all the people of the 83rd.


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