West announces jobs plan

Gary West, the Democratic candidate in the 94th House of Delegates district, announced today his plan for creating jobs. From the press release:

As Delegate my top priority will be putting people back to work so families can be provided for and so we can grow our economy.  While others simply spout poll tested policies, I actually have a plan to help do this.

West says he will:

  • Direct state and local governments to use Virginia companies first when contracting for goods and services so our tax dollars create jobs here, not in other countries like China or India.
  •  Provide tax credits for small businesses that create jobs here in Newport News.
  • Provide grants and tax incentives to companies that create jobs in the bio-tech and renewable energy industries.
  • Invest in more workforce development so our workers are trained for the jobs of today and tomorrow.
  • Recruit new manufacturing jobs instead of turn them away to other states.  We must change our focus from government jobs to private manufacturing and new technology jobs.

This and other issues that are important to West are on the issues page of his website.

The 94th is a very winnable district for West and from everything I hear, he’s running a strong campaign. Of course, he can always use more help so consider volunteering and donating to the campaign.